• Telehealth reimbursement
    Expert Presenters: Michael Stearns MD, CPC, CFPC, CRC; Kim Huey MJ, CHC, CPC, CCS-P, PCS, CPCO

    Changes to 2022 telehealth reimbursement rules have opened more opportunities for your practice to reap the benefits of care you’re already providing. This 2-part series walks you through how to bill correctly and get paid more.

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  • practice management
    Expert Presenters: Victoria M. Moll CPC, CPMA, CPRC; Sherri Lewis CPB; Tracey Tokheim

    Coding, billing and credentialing are essential tools in the practice manager’s toolkit, and even if you’re new to the medical field, you can master them if you know a few key strategies. This expert-led three-part series can help.

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