Avoid Stark Audits and Penalties in 2018

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Wayne Miller, Esq.

You’d better be worried about Stark. There have been significant Stark Law changes that make compliance even more tricky.

When you look at the of physician practices being found guilty of violating the Stark and Anti-Kickback regulations, and the massive fines (and even jail time) that were imposed, mastering these complex rules is essential to your practice’s survival.

Stark affects EVERY financial arrangement you have with EVERY one of your referring physicians. And EVERYONE is at risk – from small physician practices to large hospital systems. Damage awards can be staggering.

So, how can you protect yourself? That’s where healthcare attorney, Wayne Miller, Esq., can help. During his 60-minute online training session, he’ll walk you through proven strategies to minimize your liability exposure and penalties from violating Stark and Anti-Kickback regulations.

By completing this plain-English training session, you’ll receive proven Stark compliance tactics you can use to successfully protect yourself. After completing this step-by-step training, you’ll be able to more quickly identify Stark compliance risks, implement proven policies to avoid problems in the future, and establish ongoing monitoring and review processes to keep yourself protected.

Here are just a few of the takeaways you’ll receive from this 60-minute online training session:

  • Master Stark contracting requirements to head off costly lawsuits
  • Stop expired contracts from causing legal nightmares – renewal provisions and monitoring processes key
  • Comply with timeshare arrangement lease limitations for your office space and equipment
  • More quickly identify technical violations, without breaching the 60-day rule signature requirement
  • Pin down office-based services (like PT and labs) supervision and location to avoid fraud claims
  • Make sure your physician compensation formulas pass Stark muster
  • Ensure your discount and free service policies meet applicable Stark law exceptions
  • Make sure you know how CMS defines personal performance of DHS to head off costly noncompliance fines
  • And so much more…

Even innocent mistakes can get you in trouble with the Feds. In fact, federal and state self-referral law audits are expected to increase next year as Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payor fraud contractors ramp up enforcement. That means your liability increases too.

This attorney-led training session will provide you with the tools you need to monitor and audit your existing arrangements to ensure you are compliant with Stark’s technical requirements and key tenets of defensibility. And if your physician contracts are ever challenged, this is the only way you can defend yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’re compliant with Stark and Anti-Kickback laws. With the draw of large monetary settlements driving lawsuits, you have too much at risk. Don’t delay, order this great training today.

Meet Your Expert

Wayne Miller
Esq.Partner, Compliance Law Group

Wayne has focused his practice in the areas of health care regulatory, administrative and transactional law throughout his nearly 30-year career. He has particular expertise in business, regulatory, certification and administrative matters for health care facilities. He also represents health care related businesses and for advisors and consultants to the health care industry.

In addition to his law degree, Wayne has a Masters Degree and experience in health care administration. He has served as editor and advisor for, or has been cited in, many national publications, including Medical Economics, Eli Research publications, FDAnews, the Ingenix Ambulatory Payment Report, the Health Care Law Sourcebook and the Health Care Law Newsletter. Wayne has been a featured speaker on national teleconferences sponsored by The Coding Institute and other organizations for many years.


Very easy to log in, appreciate hand out, useful information.
Angie Goewey
Administrative Director, Clinical Radiologist
This is a very complicated topic. The printouts were very helpful and the speaker followed along nicely, so we didn't have to take too many notes. It provided a lot of information.
Nicole Spinosa
Office Manager, Manchester Oral Surgery, PLLC
It was organized and covered a good amount of information in an acceptable time frame.
Michelle Walker
Rn, Clinical Director, Northlake Endoscopy