Master Massive E/M Coding Changes (99201-99215)

The office visit coding rules you’ve used for the last 20 years will change on Jan. 1st – and your reimbursement for these essential services is at significant risk.

Your failure to accurately adopt the new Evaluation and Management (E/M) office visit coding rules for 99201-99215 by the deadline will cause your payments for these services to come to a grinding halt.

IMPORTANT: The new E/M code selection requirements make it possible for you to get paid for all the time (or medical decision making) you spend on a visit. But you have to know how to correctly incorporate these code changes to take advantage of this benefit.

Your physicians and staff are depending on you to master these mandated E/M coding rules to ensure you capture every single dollar you are entitled to. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. This is where nationally recognized coding and training expert, Lee Williams, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, CPC, CPCO, CEMC, CHONC, CRC, can help.

During her online training, Lee will walk you through EXACTLY how you can ethically and optimally apply every 2021 office visit code change. This expert led training will provide you with step-by-step advice so you can more completely code, bill and document your patient office visits to ensure you can claim every dollar you deserve for these essential services.

Here are just a few of the changes you’ll receive direction on during this 90-minute online training:

  • Make the right choice between total time vs medical decision-making to get paid more
  • Pinpoint the exact exam elements you need to support each office visit code (CPT codes 99201-99215)
  • Avoid missing out on new patient revenue from CPT deleted code 99201
  • Increase pay, identify how much time CPT and CMS require for each office visit code
  • Effective ways to track minutes of every billable office visit activity you perform
  • Proven strategies to help you keep track of multiple coding guidelines for E/M services
  • Finally get paid for the extended time you spend with patients using new prolonged service code
  • Find out how and when to code a nurse visit with 99211
  • Capture new revenue when health hazards (e.g., 4, inadequate food) factor into medical decision-making
  • Add reimbursement for communication with family and other providers
  • Increase pay $31 when CBC or homelessness support 99214 over 99213 for strep
  • Give increased credit for multiple tests or notes reviews using new data rules
  • Get latest CMS rule on when and how to follow new CPT E/M requirements
  • Be ready to determine new table of risk guidelines to support your level of service
  • Simple tool prepares your practice step-by-step so you capture allowed higher paying visits
  • And much more!

LATEST UPDATES: This session covers ALL REQUIREMENTS set forth in the November 17th CPT codes conference. During this online training, you’ll get the most-up-to-date information mandated by the American Medical Association and CMS explained in plain English by Lee.

If you see patients in an outpatient hospital or your office, regardless of your specialty or size, this coding rule applies to you.

Calculating time when choosing your office visit codes can help you get paid more if your service documentation meets the right guidelines. After attending this upcoming expert-led online training, you’ll know exactly when to select 99201-99215 based on time, so your practice leaves no dollar unturned.

Register for this can’t-miss online training session today to help your physicians document correctly to benefit from these new coding changes.  You’ll also learn how to code and bill every payable minute and prognosis so you can increase your reimbursements and get paid more of what you deserve for the services you provide. You need this valuable information now to have time to set your practice up for success.

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Meet Your Expert

Leonta Williams

Leonta (Lee) Williams is currently the Director of Coding at a large physician organization in the southeast.  Lee has over 15 years of experience working in both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  Some of her professional roles have included coder, auditor, practice manager, educator, and trainer.

Lee has presented at national healthcare conferences, private healthcare training organizations, and has frequently contributed articles to healthcare publications.  She currently serves on a number of Boards including Georgia Health Information Management Association (GHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  Lee has a B.S. in Health Information Management and an MBA with concentration in Healthcare Administration.


The speaker was clear and consise.
Lindley Abernathy
Family Nurse Practitioner, Southern Dominion Health System
The webinar provided a great explanation of changes on a very detailed level.
Tonya Casey
CFO, Cardiovascular Health Clinic
I appreciate Lee's knowledge and enjoyed her presentation. She has given us a lot of information that was very helpful.
Jennifer Cavanaugh
Office Manager, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas