3-Part Contracting Series: Make More Money from Your Payer Contracts

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Part 1: Get Higher-Paying Contracts with Proven Negotiation Strategies

You can get payers to increase your rates if you know the proven tricks that help you engage insurers and win contract negotiations. This online training gives you the tools you need to secure higher rates and better terms.


Part 2: Protect Against Lost Revenue When Terminating Payer Contracts

Make sure your payer contracts are really working for you, and if not how to effectively terminate them to avoid legal and financial headaches. Take back control of your payer reimbursements by this expert-led training.


Part 3: Get Your Patients Back After Being Dropped by Payor

Master proven strategies to get payors to overturn your contract deactivation.  This expert-led online training will walk you through each step and help you head off lost patients by reactivating your contract.


Payers don’t want you to know how to get the most out of their contracts. In fact, they are counting on you not knowing. They make the process complex and painful – but it doesn’t have to be.

With a few specific changes to your payer contracting process, you can increase what you are paid, avoid dangerous contract verbiage, get back on plans that have dropped you and know when it’s in your best interest to walk away. And payer contracting experts, Doral Jacobsen MBA, FACMPE and Olga Khabinskay, MBA can show you how during this 3-Part online payer contracting series …

Each of these three trainings walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure you have the tools you need to get the best deal possible. These trainings include:

           Part 1:  Get Higher-Paying Contracts with Proven Negotiation Strategies
           Part 2: Terminate Payer Contracts Successfully and Increase Your Payup
           Part 3: Get Your Patients Back After Payer Drops You from Their Plan

Parts 1 and 2 are available immediately and received a 4 of out 5 ranking from training attendees. Part 3 is being held live on April 6th at 1pm ET, or you can choose to access the information on-demand right after the training.


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PART 1: Get Higher-Paying Contracts with
Proven Negotiation Strategies

Available Immediately. Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience. 

Don’t give up on negotiating your under reimbursing contracts due to lack of payer response and progress. You can win the rates you deserve.

Payers are notorious for ignoring negotiation requests and are counting on you to stop trying to improve your contract terms. But renegotiating damaging terms like using outdated fee schedules and confusing termination language isn’t impossible. Payer contracting strategy. Payer Contracting Negotiation and Reimbursement.

There is a way to speak a payer’s language. You can get them to respond to your request and, yes, increase your rates if you know the tips and tricks to get them to work with you and kick start discussions.

This is where payer contract negotiation expert Doral Jacobsen MBA, FACMPE, comes in. Doral will walk you step-by-step through how to build and deploy a successful payer contracting strategy. You’ll get proven communication scripts and even receive a guide to develop your practice’s own value proposition. Armed with these tools you’ll be able to engage payers and secure increased rates in much less time and much more easily.

PART 2: Protect Against Lost Revenue When
Terminating Payer Contracts

Available Immediately. Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience. 

Determining if, when and how to terminate a payer contract is no easy task. In fact, that’s exactly the way they want it. Payer contracts are written to be confusing – full of mind-numbing, legalese designed to benefit the payer – NOT YOU.

It certainly doesn’t benefit the payer for you to leave their network. So, they make the termination process as difficult as possible hoping that you’ll stay on board longer. The good news is that with a little advice you can crack through payer contract confusion and take back control of your reimbursements.

This is where payer contracting expert, Doral Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, can help. During her 60-minute online training, Doral will show you EXACTLY how to make sure your payer contracts are really working for you. You’ll walk away from this training with a proven formula. And if you do decide to terminate your payer contract, this training will help you avoid the negative financial and legal fallout.

PART 3: Get Your Patients Back After
Being Dropped by Payor

Available Immediately. Order the On-Demand Recording to Watch at Your Convenience. 

Don’t make the mistake of walking away if you get dropped from your insurance panel. You CAN get those patients back, and you don’t have to pay thousands to an attorney to do it.

You may never know why a payor excludes you from seeing their patients. The bottom line is it doesn’t really matter. Once you receive the notification, it’s done. Now, it is up to you to change it. Getting reactivated IS possible when you have a proven strategy in your arsenal.

This is where contracting and credentialing expert, Olga Khabinskay, MBA, COO, can help. Olga will provide you with a proven, step-by-step plan of attack to get you back on an insurance plan after you’ve been excluded. This training will also help take action to head off deactivation in the first place. Payer Contracting Negotiation and Reimbursement.

Past Webinar Reviews:

Parts 1 and 2 received a 4 of out 5 ranking from attendees. Here are just a few of their rave reviews:

“I really liked the efficiency and clear presentation. It helps to know we are not alone and that there are specific things we can do to adjust strategy with payers even if it means potentially terminating.”

 – Elizabeth Fischer, Naperville Women’s Healthcare

“The speaker was very organized. The presentation flowed smoothly from one subject to the next.”
– Linda Caterina, Business Manager, Institute for Orthopedics & Chiropractic

“The webinar was great and provided a lot of information. Great Job!”
– Tereasha Saunders, Revenue Cycle Manager, The Up Center

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or a Full Refund. 

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Meet Your Experts

Doral Jacobsen
MBA, FACMPEPartner at Prosper Beyond LLC

Doral Davis-Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is a Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC, a specialized healthcare consulting firm nestled in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Doral is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience serving healthcare providers ranging from solo practitioners to large academic medical centers. She is a popular speaker and author, always looking around the corner to help her clients prepare for “what’s next.” Doral is known for assisting practices with next generation managed care contract negotiations, payment reform and revenue cycle.

She is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Doral serves as the Chair for the North Carolina MGMA Payer Contracting Committee 2019. Doral has written numerous articles on medical practice revenue cycle, managed care contracting and payment reform and is a frequent speaker at national, regional and local healthcare forums. Doral is a co-author of MGMA’s book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next Generation Managed Care Contracting, published in October 2016.

Olga Khabinskay
MBAChief Operating Officer with WCH Service Bureau

Olga Khabinskay, MBA, is Chief Operating Officer with WCH Service Bureau, a leading medical billing and credentialing company. She has 18 years of frontline experience in provider credentialing, contract negotiations, billing processes and medical practice operations. Olga has a mastery of state and federal regulations and uses her expertise to help providers ethically optimize their compliance and reimbursements.

Olga is a member of the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM) and Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). She graduated with a B.A. from Adelphi University and has her Master’s in healthcare management.