ABN Form Essentials: Get Paid Faster and Easier


You can get your patients to happily pay you for services that are not covered by Medicare, but there is a catch. You are REQUIRED to complete and have your patients sign an ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) form.

Although the form looks easy enough, there are numerous rules regarding when and how it must be completed. And that’s not all. You must make your patients understand the form, otherwise, you’ll end up with angry patients and increased write-offs.

You can master that confusing nuances of Medicare’s ABN form that must be mastered and get paid for more of the services you provide. This is where expert, Nathan Bushlow, MBA, CPC, comes in.

During his 60-minute online training session, he’ll walk you through how to more accurately utilize Medicare’s ABN form, and how to more easily and successfully inform patients of their financial responsibility. You’ll get proven, practical strategies, so you can master Advance Beneficiary Notice form usage and implementation.

Here are just some of the Advance Beneficiary Notice form essentials session takeaways you’ll benefit from after attending this how-to, money-boosting online training session:

  • What are your patient and provider financial responsibilities for voluntary and mandatory ABNs?
  • ABN communication strategies that get patients to pay up
  • What ICD-10 code information to look at when considering an ABN
  • Handy commercial “ABN” form variation ready for your use
  • How to use LCDs and NCDs to predict coverage limitations
  • Reduce patient complaints for not being informed of out-of-pocket expenses
  • How to increase collections for screening exams not covered by insurers
  • Prevent noncompliance mines like blanket ABN use
  • Best collection strategies when you perform a test more often than frequency limits
  • And so much more…

Register for this upcoming online training today to stop writing off thousands for provided serviced deemed “not medically necessary,” and learn how to get your patients to happily pay their bills for Medicare non-covered services.

IMPORTANT: For maximum benefit, attendees should possess a basic knowledge of Medicare’s billing policies and should be familiar with ICD-10 coding, LCDs and NCDs, as well as how to determine a patient’s out-of-pocket expense.

By signing up for this online training session, you’ll get the essentials on policy, use and implementation of the ABN form. You’ll get everything you need to use this form correctly, ensure patient satisfaction, and collect more the patient reimbursement you’re entitled to.

Don’t wait, sign up today.

Meet Your Expert

Nathan Bushlow
MBA, CPCRevenue Cycle management Consultant for Vantage Cycle Solutions

Nathan Bushlow is an expert in coding and revenue cycle management. He has earned a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University as well as a credential as a Certified Professional Coder® (CPC®). He has managed the coding of all services for hundreds of physicians in a variety of specialties across the country, as well as managed the entire revenue cycle for one of Southern California’s largest Cardiology practices.

He currently is a revenue cycle and practice management consultant for Vantage Revenue Cycle Solutions. Nathan has helped many practices maximize their reimbursements and mitigate their compliance risk by focusing on optimizing processes and effectively teaching the skills necessary for proper coding and billing.


The webinar was informative and well presented.
Elena Williams
Patient Service Manager, Riverspring CHHA