Get More HHS Provider Relief Money – $25.5 Billion Now Available

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Amanda Waesch, Esq.

HHS now has $25.5 Billion more in Provider Relief Funds available to help practices just like yours combat their COVID losses (even if you received money before). And the money isn’t just for Medicare providers. relief fund application.
You must apply and be approved before you can receive this funding. So, how you complete and submit your Provider Relief Fund Application is the key. But getting it right is no small task. The application is convoluted and confusing, and without some expert assistance, getting approved will be harder than you think.

Healthcare attorney, Amanda Waesch, JD, can help. During her 60-minute online training session, Amanda will provide you with step-by-step instructions to cut through the complexities of HHS’ Provider Relief Fund Application process. She’ll help you significantly increase your chances of getting approved to receive some of the $25.5 Billion that is now available.

Here are just a few of the Provider Relief Fund Application completion and submission questions you’ll get answered by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • What period of time should you include when submitting your COVID losses?
  • Are rural practices eligible, or is it only for more densely populated areas?
  • Is there a deadline to apply for the available Provider Relief Funds?
  • If you are approved for funding, will it change previous Phase reporting deadlines?
  • Can Delta variant cases be included when calculating your costs?
  • When will the Relief Fund Application portal be available to submit your application?
  • Are you eligible for funding if you treat Medicaid and CHIP patients?
  • Can you get approved for additional relief funds if you received them before?
  • What expenses can be included when reporting COVID losses?
  • If your application is approved, is it a loan or do you get to keep 100% of the money?
  • Are only certain specialties eligible for approval to these funds?
  • Is available money from the American Rescue Act Included in these funds?
  • What “reasonable methodology” can be used when calculating losses?
  • Are solo-practitioner practices eligible for this HHS relief funding?
  • What areas of the Relief Fund Application are the most apt to get you denied?
  • How can a merger or acquisition of your practice affect funding approval?
  • How much money can you expect to receive if you are approved?
  • And so much more…

WARNING: The government is cracking down on misuses of these available HHS funds. Make one error on your Provider Relief Fund Application and you’ll not only have to repay the money with interest you could also face fraud charges and huge financial penalties.

Sadly, HHS’ Provider Relief Fund Application is unorganized and confusing. This makes quickly getting approved seem almost impossible – unless you get a little help. This online training will walk you through EXACTLY how to complete and submit your HHS Provider Relief Fund Application correctly the first time. You’ll get the help you need to get approved more quickly so you can finally get the additional financial assistance you need.

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Meet Your Expert

Amanda Waesch
Esq.Healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Amanda Waesch, Esq., is a healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond.  Her practice focuses on healthcare, employment law and healthcare litigation across the country. She advises healthcare providers including practices and hospitals on reviewing and litigating employment agreements; non-compete agreements and severance agreements. Her work has benefited physicians and administrators in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, as well as management and training issues.


I think the presenter was extremely knowledgeable and concise. I attended her previous forgiveness webinar, and the portal was exactly as expected. I had all my information well-organized in advance, so the portal experience was painless. Thank you!
Pamela Baxter