Medicare Enrollment: More Accurately Add, Reassign & Terminate


Making a mistake when adding, reassigning and/or terminating your Medicare practitioners can have devastating financial and legal consequences on your practice.

Your practice is counting on you to keep the reimbursement dollars flowing.

The problem is Medicare enrollment processes are complex and confusing, and there are a million hoops you must jump through to get them right. And the frequent rule changes make it difficult to comply, even if you’ve got years of experience. Terminate Medicare Enrollment.

Getting it wrong really isn’t an option…

There is help available, and enrollment and credentialing expert, Gretchin Heckenlively, CPA, FHFMA, is the answer.

During this 60-minute online training session, Gretchin will walk you through how to more accurately add, reassign and terminate practitioners from Medicare.

She’ll walk you through how to overcome the most common enrollment mistakes and leave you with checklist you and your team can use to get it right going forward.

By attending this 60-minute online training, you’ll be able to more accurately add, reassign and terminate practitioners from being able to bill Medicare at your practice.

Here are just a few of the expert strategies you’ll receive to be able to terminate Medicare enrollment with ease:

  • Avoid missed Medicare submission deadlines and get revenue flowing
  • Speed up the approval of new practitioners and get paid faster
  • Clearly differentiate between ordering/referring and billing for professional services
  • Master how to transition an ordering/referring provider to one that can bill Medicare directly
  • Avoid common enrollment form errors for both adding and terminating practitioners to your group
  • Determine when to use PECOS online or CMS paper form for enrollment/termination
  • Create a comprehensive enrollment/termination checklist to get it right every time
  • Ace the MAC review process and get your practitioners approved more quickly
  • Avoid lost reimbursement for groups with multiple Provider Transaction Access Numbers (PTANs)
  • Comply with special considerations when terminating practitioner reassignments
  • Uncover Physician Assistant Medicare enrollment differences to get approved more quickly
  • Determine how to correctly handle MAC development requests the first time
  • Master Medicare Program Integrity Regulatory requirements to avoid rule violations
  • Stop wasting time enrolling practitioners that are not Medicare qualified
  • Identify the correct number of reassignments needed for multi-location practices
  • Comply with PECOS record surrogacy requirements to head off compliance headaches
  • Choose the correct Medicare enrollment form every time to get paid faster
  • Sidestep costly mistakes when removing practitioners from your Medicare group
  • And more more…

There is a lot riding on you when in comes to adding, reassigning and terminating Medicare practitioners for your practice. The results, both negative and positive, can have a profound impact on your practice’s ability to stay afloat.

Don’t face the daunting task of accurately adding, reassigning and terminating your Medicare practitioners alone. By registering and attending for this online training, you can get the help you need to take control of your Medicare enrollment processes.Terminate Medicare Enrollment.

Don’t wait, sign up today. to Terminate Medicare Enrollment.

Meet Your Expert

Gretchin S. Heckenlively
CPA, FHFMACPA and Partner, Seim Johnson, LLP

Gretchin is a CPA and Partner in the Health Care Consulting division at Seim Johnson, LLP. She joined the firm in 1997 in the HealthCare Audit Division providing audit and Medicare/Medicaid cost reporting services on over 100 engagements.

In 2006, Gretchin left Seim Johnson to pursue an opportunity as the Chief Financial Officer of a critical access hospital. There she gained valuable experience in both the financial and clinical arenas of a hospital.

Gretchin rejoined the firm in 2010, and since that time, she has been able to bring frontline knowledge and understanding of working in a healthcare environment to the consulting division. Her focus is on Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment, Medicare provider-based issues and reimbursement.

Gretchin has given many presentations on a wide range of healthcare, and not-for-profit related topics at a local, state and national level and currently serves on the CMS Central Office PECOS Focus Group and the CMS Central Office Provider Compliance Focus Group.

Also, she is an active member of Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and is a past President of their Nebraska Chapter. She also served as the Treasurer of HFMA Region 8. Gretchin graduated from Doane College in May 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Finance.


It was very informational and east to follow along with.
Travis Brewer
Executive Director, Texas Oncology
I think the information covered was very useful and delivered in a very understandable way. The speaker was well-versed in the subject matter and answered the questions fully.
Michelle Hayden
Provider Insurance Credentialing, Edgerton Hospital and Health Services
I think this webinar would be beneficial for someone new to provider enrollment.
Nicole Shaffer
Contract Manager, ApexNetwork Physical Therapy
Well Done! Speaker was very knowledgeable.
Stephanie Whitten
Revenue Cycle Coordinator, Desoto Hospital Association