Overturn Medicare Denials with Administrative Law Judge Appeal

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Wayne Miller, Esq.

Even if your Medicare claim denial or overpayment appeal is denied (twice), you still have a chance to get your claim paid. The next level of appeal is called an Administrative Law Judge (AL J). Knowing whether you should request a level 3 appeal, accept the prior denial or take some other action can have a massive impact on your financial bottom line.

AL J appeals have some significant differences in how they’re handled, but with a solid understanding of the process, you can get paid by Medicare for more of the services you provide. That’s where healthcare attorney, Wayne J. Miller, Esq., can help. During his 60-minute, online training session, he’ll walk you through exactly what it will take to get your appeal heard by an AL J, and how to improve your chances of getting your previous denials overturned.

Here are just a few of the practical AL J tactics that will help you improve your chances of winning your Medicare appeal during this 60-minute online training.

  • Don’t lose your appeal for missing a critical deadline
  • Mastering the differences between an AL J review a redetermination or reconsideration
  • Utilize the 3 top ways to improve your AL J appeal success
  • Accurately calculate cost and timeline to determine whether an AL J appeal is worth it
  • Get your AL J appeal moved to the head of the line and heard more quickly, in many cases
  • Uncover when other options are more appropriate, and may be more successful
  • Determine when an extended payment plan or self-disclosure are better routes than AL J review
  • Make the appeals process faster and easier with selective sampling and other initiatives
  • And so much more…

Who should watch? Physicians, medical groups, medical group administrators or managers, hospitals, long term care facilities and health care consultants will benefit from this attorney-led online training.

Crafting a strong case is critical to your AL J appeal success. Further, there may be programs that can, in many cases, get your case heard sooner and streamline the process. Or, you could consider options to address the matter without an AL J appeal that can translate to success. This online training will help you make these critical decisions and get more of your claims paid.

You deserve to get paid accurately and optimally for the services your practice provides to Medicare patients. A part of that process is knowing when to fight a denial, and how to win. Stop accepting Medicare denials, order this online training and get paid for more of your claims today.

Meet Your Expert

Wayne Miller
Esq.Partner, Compliance Law Group

Wayne has focused his practice in the areas of health care regulatory, administrative and transactional law throughout his nearly 30-year career. He has particular expertise in business, regulatory, certification and administrative matters for health care facilities. He also represents health care related businesses and for advisors and consultants to the health care industry.

In addition to his law degree, Wayne has a Masters Degree and experience in health care administration. He has served as editor and advisor for, or has been cited in, many national publications, including Medical Economics, Eli Research publications, FDAnews, the Ingenix Ambulatory Payment Report, the Health Care Law Sourcebook and the Health Care Law Newsletter. Wayne has been a featured speaker on national teleconferences sponsored by The Coding Institute and other organizations for many years.