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Although your COVID testing claims are getting paid (or at least some of them), it is almost guaranteed that you are not being reimbursed everything you deserve.

Frequently shifting code sets and related rules make accurately coding for COVID testing feel like a guessing game. There are numerous variables you must master to correctly code for COVID testing (i.e., symptomatic vs. asymptomatic patients, proximity to someone positive, new vs. established patients, telemedicine, etc.). Also, over-coding for COVID testing is on payer radars and can get you audited – and hit with significant recoupments and penalties.

Bottom line, correctly coding for COVID testing is just plain complicated. It makes getting paid correctly seem like an impossibility. But it doesn’t have to…

This is where expert coder and educator, Stephanie Thomas, CPC, CANPC, can help. During her upcoming 60-minute online training session, Stephanie will walk you through the dos and don’ts of coding COVID testing in a variety of situations so you can get every possible encounter properly paid. She’ll help you cut through the code and rule confusion making accurately coding for COVID testing easier and more precise.

Here are just a few of the questions about coding COVID-19 testing you can expect to get answered during this online training:

  • Do you use different codes for new vs. established patients?
  • How should you handle coding an encounter that begins with a telehealth assessment?
  • When can codes 99000 and 99001 be used?
  • Do you include the code for swab collection during an in-person E/M visit?
  • When should and shouldn’t code 87811 be used?
  • How do you code for tests required by a patient’s work or school when a patient is asymptomatic?
  • Can you still be paid if your medical assistant administers the test?
  • Can you receive reimbursement from Medicare for telehealth visits for new patients with COVID symptoms?
  • Do you include codes for tests referred to off-site facilities if the patient was first seen in your office?
  • How do you code a patient’s initial telehealth visit who is referred for COVID-19 testing?
  • And so much more!

Coding for COVID testing has gotten more and more complicated. New codes seem to come out every quarter, and the billing rules are more confusing than ever. This online training will help you cut through the confusion of accurately coding for COVID testing, and help you get paid more of what you deserve for these much-needed services.

Incorrectly coding for COVID testing patient encounters leaves you exposed to significant lost reimbursement, audits, recoupments and even penalties. Register for this online training and get expert tactics to help you code for COVID testing accurately the first time, every time. Don’t wait, sign up today.

Meet Your Expert

Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie has 17 years of experience doing medical billing and coding in a variety of specialties. She has earned her credentials as both a Certified Professional Coder® (CPC®) AND a Certified Pain and Anesthesia Coder (CANPC®).

Billing is Stephanie’s passion. She has made it her mission to work with practices across the country to help them ethically and more efficiently maximize their reimbursements. She does this by simplifying complex coding and billing rules and educating providers and staff on proper utilization techniques.

 She is a proven coding and billing educator, and regularly speaks at both local and national events


The webinar was great and the speaker gave us cheat sheets that were absolutly needed. You gave us great information and I wouldn't change a thing!
Sheila Johnson
Billing Coordinator, Heartland Alliance