Fend Off CMS Vaccine Mandate Errors and Violation Penalties

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Bryan Meek, Esq.

ALERT: The final deadline for all Medicare- and Medicaid-certified groups to comply with the CMS vaccine mandates for healthcare workers (including your related policies and procedures) is only a few weeks away.

CMS has made it clear that enforcements for noncompliance are well underway, so it’s essential that you ensure your employee COVID vaccine procedures and policies are in line with the law.

Your practice MUST have CMS-compliant COVID vaccine mandate procedures and policies in place right now or face payment denials/delays, fines, and correctional actions.

But knowing what needs to be included in your procedures – and what you can leave on the back burner – is more complicated than you may realize. And even making an innocent mistake could land you in hot water.

During this online training, you’ll get expert insight to walk you through what you need to do to comply with the CMS vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Nationally recognized healthcare attorney, Bryan Meek, Esq., will break down the CMS requirements in easy-to-understand terms and give you easily implemented strategies for creating your practice’s required policies and procedures to keep you compliant.

Here are just a few of the pressing CMS vaccine mandate questions you’ll get answered during this 60-minute online training:

  • If remote employees come into the office monthly or occasionally, must they comply?
  • What are the compliance dates and deadlines for implementation?
  • Are volunteers, contractors, and other non-full-time staff required to be vaccinated?
  • What should you do if you will fall short of the 100 percent compliance requirement?
  • How will surveyors determine punishment for noncompliance?
  • How long are you required to keep records of employee vaccination status?
  • What happens if you receive a determination of “immediate jeopardy” from a surveyor?
  • Are staff members who work offsite required to comply?
  • Your physicians have admitting privileges at a CMS-certified site. Are they required to be vaccinated?
  • How do you document staff who have requested religious exemptions?
  • Are you required to document staff who receive medical exemptions in your practice’s policy?
  • What types of records and data are you required to keep and how should you store it?
  • Can you be sued for discrimination if you deny an employee’s exemption request?
  • And so much more…

Don’t risk your future Medicare reimbursement by rushing through your COVID vaccine procedures and policies. CMS has been very clear that if you fail to comply with these mandates, you will be subject to major financial penalties and corrective actions.

Register for this expert-led online training to ensure your COVID vaccine policies and procedures are compliant with CMS’ rules by the fast-approaching final deadline in March. Don’t wait, sign up today.

Although the majority of healthcare workers approved by Medicare and Medicaid are required to comply with the CMS vaccine mandate, some are not. This training will also make it crystal clear whether your practice must follow these directives or not. Register for this online training immediately to guarantee your access.

*Bonus tool will be provided with the presentation handouts via email just before the live session.

Meet Your Expert

Bryan Meek
Esq.Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Bryan Meek, Esq., is an Attorney in Brennan, Manna & Diamond’s Health Law Department and Labor & Employment Department. Bryan counsels health industry clients on contract disputes, Board investigations and suspensions, and compliance plans. When employment matters rise to the level of litigation, Bryan leverages his substantial experience to defend his clients against these actions, including contract disputes, discrimination allegations, and other employment matters in court.  Should a labor dispute arise, Bryan defends his clients before arbitrators.

Bryan’s healthcare expertise extends into fraud and abuse disputes, credentialing, and certification. He has a proven track record in government and private payor appeals and disputes, including audits, administrative appeals, and negotiations.


I thought the webinar was run well and the speaker was informative and explained the CMS requirements well. It made areas that could trip up an agency clear and provided information on how to prevent this from happening.
Carol Rouleau
Compliance Manager, Benton County Oregon State University
The speaker stayed on topic and moved through the information at a good pace.
Sandra Russell
Human Resources Director, Genesis Family Health