Get Higher-Paying Contracts with Proven Negotiation Strategies

Don’t give up on negotiating your under-reimbursing contracts due to lack of payer response and progress. You can win the rates you deserve.

Payers are notorious for ignoring negotiation requests and are counting on you to stop trying to improve your contract terms. But renegotiating damaging terms like using outdated fee schedules and confusing termination language isn’t impossible.

There is a way to speak a payer’s language. You can get them to respond to your request and, yes, increase your payer contract rates if you know the tips and tricks to get them to work with you and kick-start discussions.

This is where payer contract negotiation expert Doral Jacobsen MBA, FACMPE, comes in. During this online training session, Doral will walk you step-by-step through how to build and deploy a successful payer contracting strategy. You’ll get proven communication scripts and even receive a guide to develop your practice’s own value proposition. Armed with these tools you’ll be able to engage payers and secure increased payer contract rates in much less time and much more easily.

Here are just some of the proven payer contracting negotiation tactics you’ll learn when you attend this expert-led, 60-minute online training session:

  • Create and implement your practice’s negotiation strategy
  • Proven verbiage that helps you tell your practice story and speed negotiations
  • Complete a market and provider assessment that shows payers why you deserve more money
  • Establish a payer proposals process to effectively evaluate offers
  • Pinpoint the exact questions you must ask during early payer discussions
  • Identify the precise steps you must take to create your practice’s unique value proposition
  • Tried ‘n’ true templates that accelerate your work and get results
  • Tips to convince payers to pay you based on the value your practice provides to the network
  • More easily navigate the negotiation process
  • How to speak the payers’ language so you win the terms you need to succeed
  • Learn how to quantify the value your practice adds
  • Get your negotiation requests approved using proven post-denial request time frames
  • Determine how to incorporate administrative burden discussions into your negotiations
  • Secure higher rates with tips to write results-clinching payer proposals
  • Methods that remove harmful clauses like penalties for non-network providers
  • Define why you outshine the competition to clinch better coverage
  • And so much more…

You really can’t afford not to attend this online training session. COVID-19 has increased your operational expenses – and you deserve to get paid for this added cost. But many insurers refuse to pay the new CPT coronavirus supply code 99072 and your contracts don’t allow you to charge for PPE supplies. During this session, Doral will give you proven communication tools that help payers understand your financial increases – and get them to pay up.

Your practice is depending on you to improve their Medicare and commercial payer contract rates. By attending this online session covering all insurance negotiations, you’ll be able to confidently spell out your practice’s value and effectively judge insurers’ offers. You’ll finally get the higher rates and better coverage your office needs.

Meet Your Expert

Doral Jacobsen
MBA, FACMPEPartner at Prosper Beyond LLC

Doral Davis-Jacobsen, MBA, FACMPE, is a Partner at Prosper Beyond LLC, a specialized healthcare consulting firm nestled in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Doral is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 20 years of experience serving healthcare providers ranging from solo practitioners to large academic medical centers. She is a popular speaker and author, always looking around the corner to help her clients prepare for “what’s next.” Doral is known for assisting practices with next generation managed care contract negotiations, payment reform and revenue cycle.

She is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Doral serves as the Chair for the North Carolina MGMA Payer Contracting Committee 2019. Doral has written numerous articles on medical practice revenue cycle, managed care contracting and payment reform and is a frequent speaker at national, regional and local healthcare forums. Doral is a co-author of MGMA’s book, Transitioning to Alternative Payment Models: A Guide to Next Generation Managed Care Contracting, published in October 2016.


The webinar was well planned out. The flow of information was organized and easy to follow.
Linda Habib
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The speaker was very good and the GoTo Webinar's platform was extremely user friendly.
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