Billing Company: Choose Right The First Time

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Greg Vap

Selecting an outside billing company is one of the MOST important financial decisions you’ll make. Whether you are outsourcing for the first time, or changing vendors, the decision can either secure the success of your practice or quickly bleed you dry.

  • If you pick the WRONG Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) vendor (billing company) you could lose tens of thousands of dollars a year in unchallenged denials, poor follow up, and under-paid claims.
  • If you pick the RIGHT company, you should see a boost in reimbursement, and faster payments.

There is one more very important piece to the puzzle. Obviously, you don’t want to overpay for the services you are receiving. What good is having your vendor bring in more reimbursement, if you are paying an arm and a leg to collect it. How can you ensure that you are choosing the right billing company for your practice?

There are a variety of proven tactics you can use to find the perfect billing company for your practice. Whether you are transitioning to an RCM vendor for the first time, or dissatisfied with your current billing company and want to make a change, Greg Vap, Sr. Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management for Pulse Systems, Inc., can provide you with the tools you need.

Greg is a 30+ years veteran in RCM. In the past, he has even owned his own RCM company. Which means, he has a unique perspective from both sides of the fence, and can teach you how choose the best company for you. He also knows all of the “tricks of the trade.” He can give you the tools you’ll need to get the best deal possible, and ensure you are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Greg recorded a 60-minute online training session on how you can choose the correct RCM vendor, ensure they are generating the maximum amount of reimbursement ethically possible, and that you are not paying too much for their services. Here are a just a few of the tactics you’ll be able to master after watching Greg’s training:

  • EXPOSE the top billing company tactics that could make you wish you had never signed on the dotted
  • WATCH OUT for vendor contract language that could leave you paying much higher rates
  • USE key performance indicators to improve transparency, and better manage your billing and collections to maximize your return
  • IDENTIFY must-have qualifiers for your vendor, and know when you should walk away
  • and so much more…

Your RCM vendor is supposed to help ease your burden associated with the daunting task of billing and collections for your claims. They should help you streamline your practice’s revenue cycle process, and improve your cash flow (not only by collecting more but by reducing your costs).

Ultimately, they should be bringing in more of your reimbursement, and do it more quickly than you could do for yourself. But in the real world, vendors get lazy, practices get busy, and your cash suffers. Don’t let this happen to you. Sign up for Greg’s training session today.

Meet Your Expert

Greg VapVP, Pulse Systems, Inc.

Greg Vap in an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in healthcare IT and revenue cycle management.

MGreg has served in various senior management roles, including the SVP of Professional Services and as an Executive Director. Today, Greg is Pulse’s SVP of Sales and the General Manager of Pulse’s RCM Services organization.

Prior to joining Pulse, Greg was the Founder, President and CEO, of Healthcare Information Systems, a healthcare IT company based in Kansas City, MO, that pioneered many of the early best practice software products in practice management and electronic patient records. Greg earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Missouri Institute of Technologies. Greg also serves as a board and committee member for various national, regional and local trade organizations.