Billing: Measuring Your Total Cost

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Brigette LaBar

You could be paying much higher rates for your billing compared to what the practice right next door pays (both in and out-of-house). In fact, many practices just don’t have a handle on what their total billing costs are, or they think they know and the amount is grossly underestimated.

Knowing your accurate billing costs is essential to the financial health of your practice. You can significantly reduce your total billing costs, and Brigette LaBar can show you how. By attending her upcoming online training session you’ll receive proven strategies to help you significantly cut your billing costs. She doesn’t want you to end up like so many of the practices that she consult with – spending $1.50 to collect a $1 and not even realizing it.

Here are just a few of the practical tactics that you’ll receive by viewing this online training session:

1.  Calculate your Total Cost of Billing Fast with On-line Spreadsheet Tool, never pay too much again
2.  Breakdown fixed and variable costs so you can shave money off of your billing expenses
3.  Identify those payor denials that are costing you a bundle, and know when to call it quits
4.  Find hidden revenue that can help offset your costs and bring down your overall billing fees
5.  And so much more…

In order to avoid paying too much for your billing services you must have a good handle on your total cost of billing, how to identify hidden costs and revenue, and have a strategy on turning it all around. You can get all of this and so much more at this upcoming training session. Don’t wait, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Brigette LaBarLeader in Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Brigette LaBar is a leader in revenue cycle management solutions. Previsously, Ms. LaBar was responsible for the revenue cycle operations at one of the largest independent clinical laboratory in California.

She was instrumental in improving the performance of the revenue cycle operation and in transitioning a 90+ team member operation following an acquisition. She has also held executive leadership positions in revenue cycle management and health care IT.