Payer Contracting: Stop Hidden Language from Hurting Your Practice

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Steve Selbst

Did you know that your payers can reduce your reimbursement unless it specifically says they can’t in your contract? This is just one example of hidden language in your third-party payer contracts that is masked by pages of complex legal jargon.

To avoid being taken advantage of by your payer contracts, you must know what to look for in these agreements. Once you identify the dangerous language in your payer contracts, you can do something about it.

This is where national payer contract expert and consultant, Steve Selbst, can help. He knows how to uncover potentially damaging language in your payer contracts, and how to negotiate for changes that benefit practices.

During this 90-minute online training session, Steve will provide you with proven tools to help you more successfully navigate the complexities of your payer contracts. By attending this upcoming training, you’ll know how to avoid getting locked into payer contract stipulations and rules that leave you underpaid and with no way out.

Here are just a few of the practical, actionable tactics you’ll receive by attending this 90-minute payer contracting online training:

  • Improve contract results with a proven language template that you can reuse and take with you
  • Proactively lead in the negotiation process to get more of your contract changes accepted
  • Know which contract terms to fight for to get the best results possible
  • Identify the top 5 payer contract language landmines so that you don’t get burned
  • Uncover hidden contract phrases that can lead to reductions in your reimbursements
  • Eliminate language that can lead to operational nightmares for your practice
  • Learn the 10 best practices for negotiating payer contracts
  • Learn not only what but when and how to ask for and get the changes you want
  • Identify and overcome buried fee schedule language that can cost you after you sign
  • And so much more…

If you contract with even ONE third-party payer, this training is for you. You’ll learn what payers don’t want you to know, and you’ll be provided with tips to make your third-party payer contracts more beneficial, resulting in less operational hazards and higher payments for your practice. You’ll also walk away with a valuable template that you can use to avoid hidden payer contract language hazards.

REMEMBER: You CAN influence what you get paid, and this training session will equip you with the weapons that you need to have more effective, beneficial third-party contracts. Don’t wait, register today for this must-attend training.

IMPORTANT: Access to this expert-led payer contracting online training is limited to ensure that all attendees have the opportunity to get their specific questions answered.

Meet Your Expert

Steve SelbstCo-Owner and CEO, Healthcents, Inc.

Steve leads the business operations including contracting and reimbursement analysis. He is responsible for all of Healthcents Inc.’s business processes, contracts management, negotiations, and computing systems, which are used to enable Healthcents to get providers maximum reimbursements on payer contracts.

He has successfully negotiated over 15,000 payer contracts and is the inventor of RevolutionSoftware, Healthcents’ state of the art web service product for payer contracts’ analysis. Under Steve’s leadership, many of the largest practices in the USA have become reference accounts. Steve leads the development and delivery of our “Blue Print for Success” Payer Contracting Class, which is sponsored by medical associations such as the AUA, and teaches medical providers the “secret sauce” about how to negotiate payer contracts.

Steve’s background includes over two decades of executive management with IBM, and he is well known in the software and healthcare businesses as a leader who builds new businesses quickly and profitably. His experience includes the managing of complex multi-site and multi-company software development including labs in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. He managed a staff of over 300 people in the development of complex business intelligence software used by companies all over the world for query, reporting and data analysis.

Steve has been quoted in many press releases and has written many recent articles about payer contracting and payer contracts analysis for a variety of industry journals including the Ambulatory Care Advisor, HME News, AAOE e-news and many more. Steve holds a BS in Business from Arizona State University, was Summa Cum Laude, and was invited to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship.


The speaker covered several areas, in depth, regarding payer contracting; Which was very helpful. The provided handouts were also very helpful.
Jennifer Colvin
Central Business Office Director, Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute
Very Informative.
Nilda Gonzalez
Director, Miami Beach Community Health Cneter Inc
Useful Information applicable to a majority of practices. Not a waste of time; The speaker was clearly very knowledgeable in this area.
Amber Ice
Billing/Insurance, Wichita Vision Institute, PA
All was GREAT!
Denise Lee
Practice Administrator, Chicagoland Eye Consultants, SC
Very Good!
Laura Matos
Administrator Director, Ceaser A Matos-Martinez