Get More Denied Claims Paid with Proven Appeal Process

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Kelly Grahovac, MBA CEU: 1.0

You can reclaim a significant amount of reimbursement from your denials with a few simple changes to your appeals process.

The money is rightfully yours – you just have to know how to go after it.

Even if you have a denial management plan in place, experts agree that there can be a significant amount of money you are leaving uncollected.

Carriers are actually counting on you being too busy to go after these additional funds. In many circumstances, modifications to your appeals argument, regulatory backup and knowing how to decode the appeal decision can generate lucrative results.

That’s where national denials management expert, Kelly Grahovac, MBA, comes in.

During her online training session, Kelly walks you through how to get your denials overturned and capture more of the reimbursement you deserve.

If anyone can provide insight and solutions to your appeal questions, it’s Kelly. Her past experience includes employment with one of the nation’s leading CMS contractors, working as a 2nd level appeals adjudicator. Now she wants to help you.

Here are just a few of the expert denials management tactics you’ll receive by viewing this 60-minute online training:

  • Hold your carriers accountable to their response deadline
  • Get appeal letter verbiage that will really get your claims paid
  • How to get 2nd level appeals overturned more easily
  • Write a winning appeal argument and get more denials overturned
  • Stop your message from getting lost by submitting too much information
  • Master Medicare, private-payer and Medicare advantage appeal nuances
  • Find out how to use appeal reopenings to collect even more revenue
  • Cut through the confusion between appeals for in- and out-of-network claims
  • Uncover precertification appeals tactics that get your claims approved
  • Improve your appeals process with Payer-Specific strategies
  • Demand clinical and coding reviews to overturn more claims
  • And so much more…

Many of the denials you receive can be overturned, and you can be paid for them, but you must know how.

By attending this 60-minute online training, you will receive the tools and tactics you need to get paid for more of your claims.

Don’t wait, sign up for this must-see online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Kelly Grahovac
MBAGeneral Manager for the van Halem Group

Kelly Grahovac serves as the General Manager for The van Halem Group where she focuses on audits, appeals, education and training across multiple lines of business and various specialties. Kelly is a known lecturer in the DME and HHH industries, speaking at national conferences, state associations, and for private events.

Kelly has nearly 10 years of experience at one of the nation’s leading Medicare contractors where she worked for the DMERC, QIC, and A/B MAC. She has since brought this knowledge and experience over to The van Halem Group, where she has been working since 2013 to assist providers as they navigate the ever changing healthcare payor landscape.


It was a great webinar!
Mina Gandhi
practice manager, Mukesh M Gandhi Internal Medicine
The trainer was easy to follow and understand.
Holly Gegogeine
Regional Director, Optimae Home Health
The speaker was very knowledgable.
Emma Lopez
Billing Supervisor, Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles Inc,