Optimize CMS Electronic Data Interchange to Get Paid Faster & More Accurately

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Stanley Nachimson CEU: 1.5

You dread getting pre-authorizations, checking eligibility, sending claims, tracking claims, reconciling payments, and reworking denials by phone, fax, or paper. These manual efforts eat up your precious time, slow getting cash in, and are subject to manual errors.

Good news: You can authorize surgeries, verify claim issues and overall manage your claims faster by getting more out of your electronic transactions. Master using EDI and you’ll have claims eligibility and details flowing efficiently into your practice management system saving you tons of time on phone calls and paperwork.

On July 9, former US Department of Health and Human Services electronic transactions expert, Stanley Nachimson, gives you practical steps to wring more claims productivity out of your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions . By attending, you’ll learn how to get your medical claims authorizations and payments faster. Stanley will even walk you through what you should demand from health plans and how to do it to boost your billing results.

In only 90 minutes, you’ll receive insider electronic billing insights to rev up your revenue cycle and free up staff time.  Here is a sampling what you’ll gain by attending this upcoming online training

  • Take the pain out of prior authorization with proper filing steps
  • Instantly determine patient eligibility to stop the #1 denial reason
  • Apply payments automatically within your PMS – it is possible!
  • Time-saver: Eliminate phone calls and faxes with health plans
  • Own the system – learn how and when to alert CMS to health plan non-compliance
  • Automatically reconcile payments from health plans and assure on-time payments
  • Identify one place within EDI to more easily see your claims’ payment status
  • And so much more…

WARNING. One of the most common ways to get flagged for a payer audit while using the EDI dashboard is to repeatedly resubmit your claims without working them. It sounds crazy, but without a clear understanding of the EDI dashboard, you could be doing this and not even realizing it.

Don’t be the definition of crazy and keep handling medical claims processing the same way and expect different results. Incomplete pre-authorizations, unconfirmed eligibility and unworked denials cost practices thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year. You can stop the drain right here.

You can get the most out of your electronic claims, improve your clean claim rate, and make your job easier and less stressful by attending this upcoming expert-led online training. Make electronic transactions work smarter for your practice and register for this online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Stanley NachimsonPrincipal of Nachimson Advisors

Stanley Nachimson is principal of Nachimson Advisors, a health IT consulting firm dedicated to finding innovative uses for health information technology and encouraging its adoption.

The firm serves a number of clients, including, the Cooperative Exchange, EHNAC, and InstaMed. Stanley is focusing on assisting health care providers, vendors, and plans with understanding the regulatory environment, assisting in implementation of regulation requirements, and providing advice on HIT industry status and trends.

Stanley is the author of the authoritative paper on the cost of ICD-10 for physician practices and is an active member of electronic transaction bodies including HIMSS, WEDI, and X12.

Stanley served for more than 30 years in the US Department of Health and Human Services in a variety of statistical, management, and health technology positions.

His last ten years prior to his 2007 retirement were spent in developing HIPAA policy, regulations, and implementation planning and monitoring, beginning CMS’s work on Personal Health Records, and serving as the CMS liaison with several industry organizations, including WEDI and HITSP.

He brings a wealth of experience and information regarding the use of data, standards and technology in the health care industry.