Coding for Consultations: Get Paid More, Cut Denials


Are you positive you’re getting paid correctly and optimally for the consultations your doctors are asked to provide? If you have ANY doubt, you are probably losing thousands on these common services.

Ever since Medicare and other payers stopped paying for specific consultation codes, figuring out which E/M code level is the most applicable is a significant challenge. And add to that the differences between inpatient, outpatient, confirmatory, and follow-up consults – along with additional E/M services being provided it really becomes a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be…

You can cut through the confusion of coding for consultations fast with the proven, step-by-step tactics provided by national coding expert, Maxine Lewis, CMM, CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CCS-P, during her on-demand training session.

In only 60 minutes, you’ll receive everything you need to improve the accurately of your consultation claims, boost your overall revenue for these services, and avoid ending up on an audit list for incorrect E/M coding. Here are just a few of the proven tactics you’ll receive by completing this training:

 Justify billing for consults between docs within your practice and finally get paid for these services
 Boost E/M levels by effectively calculating time – this simple tool really helps
 Pin down Medicare consult requirements that will stop auditors from knocking on your door
 Stop denials for incident-to or shared visit consults and see the result in your bottom line
 Meet low-level inpatient consultation requirements – find the answers hidden in your provider documentation
 Reduce your denials by more accurately differentiating a consult from a transfer-of-care
 Avoid standing consult orders from landing you in audit hot water
 Improve pay-up for follow-up care to a consultation – the answer may surprise you
 Code emergency room consultations more accurately and boost your bottom line
 Justify higher E/M levels by identifying services your clinician is probably providing and just not telling you about
 Must-include consult report specifics that will audit-proof your practice (the 3 Rs are key)
 Master coding for patient-initiated “second opinion” consultations
 Effectively use modifier -32 and boost your confirmatory consult pay-ups
 And so much more…

The bottom line is, if you’re not coding your consultation services correctly you are losing money. Not only that, you’ll have to deal with more denials, and the possibility of being flagged for an audit. You can improve your reimbursement for consults faster and easier than you thought possible. Don’t wait another minute, order for this must-attend training session today.

Meet Your Expert

Maxine Lewis
CMM, CPC, CPC-I, CCS-PPresident, Medical Coding Reimbursement Management

Maxine is a nationally recognized lecturer, author and consultant in the healthcare industry combining more than 40 years of practical experience in the medical office with an in-depth understanding of coding, reimbursement and management issues of the medical profession. She is the author of “Working with Insurance and Managed Care Plans” and “Medicare Rules and Regulations”.

Her special interest in the Medicare program has provided expertise not only in the federal program but its ramification and implications with other third party payors. Her educational training simplifies often-complicated issues in the reimbursement arena.