Stop Losing Revenue: Boost Coding Skills Across Your Team

Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 1:00PM ET Length: 75 Minutes Expert: Victoria M. Moll, CPC, CPMA, CPRC CEU: 1.5

Without understanding the basics of medical coding, there’s no way for your practice to get paid accurately. That’s why every member of your team must understand coding, even non-coders.

But coding involves so much more than simply “picking a code.”

Although your non-coding staff members don’t need to know HOW to code, they do need a solid grasp of how coding works, how it influences your practice’s income, and why it’s important. This will help reduce simple errors that can lead to claim denials (and leave you without your deserved pay).

Even if you have a coding mastermind on board, there are a million places in the process that can lead to incorrect CPT and ICD-10-CM codes being reported. Your coders need the support of your entire team to ensure your claims are filed accurately so you get paid.

This is where coding and training expert Victoria Moll, CPC, CPMA, COC, CRC, CPRC, AAPC Approved Instructor, Fellow, can help. On Tuesday, July 12th at 1pm ET, she will present a Coding for Non-Coders online training that will help your entire team work together to code more accurately, and get your practice paid more of what it’s due.

During this upcoming 75-minute online training, Victoria will share easy-to-understand steps that can help your staff master critical coding concepts that can help your practice collect accurate reimbursement on every claim.

Here are a just a few of the must-have questions Victoria Moll will answer during this training on coding for non-coders:

  • How is coding tied to your practice’s income?
  • What can your front desk team do to prevent coding errors?
  • Where do you find medical codes?
  • How can you ethically boost your E/M levels – and what you’re paid?
  • Why should your team care about HCPCS codes?
  • How can your front desk help avoid global period claim denials?
  • What key phrases can providers document to ethically improve payment amounts?
  • How can practice managers better understand and help resolve your top denial reasons?
  • How do clinical terms differ from CPT code definitions, causing claim denials?
  • And so much more…

This step-by-step online training is specifically designed for practice managers, as well as clinical and administrative healthcare professionals who don’t actually code. Even if you have an electronic system that codes “for you,” the knowledge you’ll gain from this upcoming online training will help reduce your denials and get you more of the reimbursement you deserve.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Practice Managers, Physicians, Non-Physician Practitioners, Nurses, Billers, Collectors, Registration Specialists, Phone Staff, Receptionists, Front Desk Managers, Bookkeepers, and anyone new to the coding and billing process.

Remember that anyone can read a CPT or ICD-10-CM manual and pick a code, but picking the right code is a different story. The only way consistently picking the right code happens is if your ENTIRE TEAM works together. It’s the only way your practice will EVER have a chance of getting paid more of what you are ethically due.

Sign up for this upcoming online training to ensure your non-coding staff members have the knowledge necessary to help your coders and billers file your practice’s claims more accurately, and get you paid more of what you deserve. Don’t miss out on this impactful, expert-led online training — reserve your spot today!

P.S. Can’t attend on July 12th? Don’t worry, you’re covered. Get the “On-Demand” version and get access to a live recording of this training — accessible when it is most convenient (24/7). It’s perfect for training new non-coding staff and as a periodic refresher for your existing team. Simply choose “On-Demand” when you register. Don’t wait, reserve your access today.

Meet Your Expert

Victoria M. Moll
CPC, CPMA, CPRCMedical Coding Trainer & Educator, Contempo Coding

Victoria is a surgical coder for a large physician group in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has over seven years of experience in billing and coding for hospitalists, obstetrics/gynecology, transplant services, general surgery, hematology/oncology, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

She previously worked as a coding and health information instructor and now teaches classes to prepare coding students for the CPC exam. Victoria is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, having held office in multiple chapters and mentored several members.

Victoria is a published writer and frequent speaker on the subject of plastic and reconstructive surgery coding. She owns and operates her own coding education website, Contempo Coding.