Faster & Easier Commercial Payer Enrollment & Credentialing


Commercial payers don’t make it easy. From their convoluted enrollment processes to their continued credentialing requirements, managing your commercial payer contracts is simply a pain in the neck. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing.
It is also one of the most important things you do. Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

Unfortunately, commercial payer enrollments (and ongoing credentialing) are a necessary evil. Correctly managing your payer plans is the only way to keep your practice’s reimbursement flowing – and it is all dependent on you. Even a simple mistake can halt your practice’s ability to be reimbursed for the services you’ve provided. To compound the issue, requirements vary from payer to payer. This makes it even harder for your practice to get paid.

The good news is that there are multiple steps you can implement to make your commercial payer enrollment and credentialing easier, faster and more successful.

This is where enrollment and credentialing expert, Merella Schandl, MHA, CPMSM, CPCS, can help. During her 60-minute, online training session, Merella will walk you through exactly how to make your commercial payer enrollment and credentialing processes more accurate, efficient, and less time consuming. You’ll receive practical, plain-English advice that you can put into practice right away.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step strategies and tactics you’ll receive to make your commercial payer enrollment and credentialing problems, delays, and confusion a thing of the past:

  • Utilize proven tracking system to avoid missing another credentialing deadline
  • Improve credentialing accuracy with robust key performance metrics
  • Master the essential elements of commercial payer applications
  • Reduce lost revenue risk with more effective payer mix
  • Identify enrollment and credentialing bottlenecks that can get your payments shut down
  • Make your job easier with key enrollment and credentialing terms
  • Cut down commercial payer enrollment approval timelines
  • Technology tips to streamline your enrollment and credentialing processes
  • Head off the most common provider references errors
  • Implement initial application process checklist to head off missed deadlines
  • Implement proven expirable management plan and stop being dropped
  • And much more!

Who should attend? This upcoming online training session is perfect if you are new to either provider enrollment or credentialing. The proven strategies you’ll receive will also provide seasoned enrollment and credentialing professionals the opportunity to gain access to a proven expert and to learn how to improve their current commercial payer processes.

Commercial payers are taking their enrollment and credentialing deadlines more serious than ever. Missing a deadline by even a day can have serious consequences for your practice. But meeting deadlines won’t help you if you don’t have every bit of required information ready. And nowadays, with narrow networks becoming all too common, it is essential that you do everything possible to improve your ability to get and keep your providers in good standing with their commercial payer plans.

You can stop writing off claims—and losing money—due to confusing and complicated commercial payer enrollment and credentialing issues. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your providers’ ability to earn money for your practice. Sign up today! Provider Enrollment and Credentialing.

Meet Your Expert

Merella Schandl
MHA, CPMSM, CPCS Senior Healthcare Consultant

Merella brings over 25 years of health care experience to Anders as a senior health care consultant, having worked with all facets of the industry.

With over 25 years of healthcare compliance, enrollment and credentialing experience, Merella brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. She advises hospitals, managed care organizations and physician practices on regulatory compliance and credentialing. As a senior health care consultant with Anders Consulting, Merella designs and implements plans for integrating provider enrollment while delegating credentialing and medical staff services to enhance client revenue cycles. She provides practice assessments to independent/group physicians, identifying areas for improvement related to process improvement, design flow, staffing and other processes.

As a National Association of Medical Staff Services Instructor, she is able to continue industry education to those seeking certification in credentialing and leadership. A frequent presenter, Merella shares her depth of health care knowledge through local and national speaking opportunities. Merella is heavily involved in industry organizations and is currently pursuing a certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt.


The webinar provided a great overview of credentialing.
Amanda Dunlap
Business Services Director, Rapid City Medical Center