Controlled Substance Prescribing: Protect Yourself from Legal Disasters

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Karen Davila, JD, MBA

If your practice prescribes even ONE controlled substance prescription you are at significant RISK. Even with the best of intentions, trying to relieve patient pain, your providers can put your entire practice in jeopardy.

With multiple government agencies (DEA, CDC, etc.) and state regulations setting increasingly strict controlled substance prescription regulations (including adding new drugs to the list), ensuring you are in compliance can seem impossible. However, getting it right is essential to the survival of your practice. Getting it wrong can lead to fraud allegations, massive fines, criminal lawsuits, loss of prescribing rights, etc. The good news is, there is an answer…

Board Certified Health Care Attorney, Karen L. Davila, JD, MBA, can help. During her step-by-step online training session, Karen will walk you through the most important controlled substance prescribing regulations, and help you implement a plan to comply. This plain-English, 60-minute online training will provide you with actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to better protect your practice and providers from the ramifications of a mistake.

This upcoming, down-and-dirty training will give it to you straight, telling you EXACTLY how to protect your practice from controlled substance prescription errors that end in a legal nightmare. Here are just a few of easy-to-implement strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute training:

  • Implement a controlled substance prescription plan that REALLY protects you
  • Comply with your state’s Prescription Drug Monitorial Program (PDMP/PMP)
  • Help your entire staff better spot drug-seeking behavior to head off problems
  • Clearly determine when paper vs. electronic prescriptions are recommended
  • Easy documentation MUSTS to protect your practice from fraud allegations
  • Avoid prescription pad errors that can land you in legal trouble
  • Determine what action to take should you make a mistake
  • Develop a “radar” for risk factors in controlled substance prescribing practices
  • Implement special requirements for nonphysician providers
  • Audit your controlled substance prescribing to improve compliance
  • Pin down when it’s time to refer a patient to a pain management specialist
  • Protect your practice with key Controlled Substance Agreement components
  • And so much more…

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This training is intended to help practices that DO NOT specialize in pain management, where acute or chronic pain may be treated on a temporary basis. Practices that are not exclusively seeing pain patients.

Your practice works hard to provide your patients the care they need. However, increasing government regulations surrounding controlled substance prescribing is making it more and more difficult every day. You must balance your patient care against your practice survival. There is entirely too much at risk to tackle this alone. Don’t wait, sign up for this must-attend online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Karen Davila
JD, MBAGeneral Counsel/ member of executive team at Jupiter Health Inc.

Karen Davila joined Jupiter Health, Inc. as General Counsel and a member of the executive team in June 2018.  She advises on all legal and regulatory aspects of Jupiter Health’s operations, including transactions, compliance, risk management, medical staff-related issues, quality/patient safety, and litigation.

Karen graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Economics.  She earned a juris doctorate from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law and a Masters in Business Administration from Case Western University in Cleveland.  She is a frequent speaker on various health care topics and former adjunct professor at University of Central Florida.

Prior to joining Jupiter Health, Karen served as Senior Associate General Counsel for Walmart Inc., providing regulatory compliance advice on its health and wellness related products and services, on behalf of its 4,800 pharmacies, 3,300 vision centers, and primary care clinics throughout the United States. Additionally, Karen represented the company with respect to FDA, DEA, pharmacy board and other regulatory agency matters.

Karen has previously served as executive and General Counsel for several other hospitals/health systems, including Mercy Health Partners (OH), Wuesthoff Health System (FL), and Rush-Copley Medical Center (IL).  In these roles, Karen served as strategic advisor and business partner, advising on complex health care law issues and strategy.  Her scope of responsibility included the oversight of compliance, audit, transactions, physician practice acquisitions/divestitures, litigation, risk management, risk financing, and various labor and employment issues.  During these years, Karen also served in other executive capacities, including as President/CEO of a physician-hospital organization and Vice President of Strategic Planning/Business Development.

Karen honed her legal and business acumen at the boutique health care law and international consulting firm of Murer Consultants in Joliet, Illinois.  There she provided regulatory analysis and advice on compliance, reimbursement, and operations for a myriad of health care systems throughout the U.S. and consulted on health care policy issues with various governmental and quasi-governmental organizations internationally.


The webinar was GREAT! It was very informative.
Sean McMicken
NP, SCP Health