Controlled Substances Legal Requirements

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Ann M. Bittinger, JD

Make no mistake about it, if you are regularly prescribing controlled substances you are under a high-powered microscope. If you are not properly assessing and documenting your patients’ complaints and histories – and proactively protecting yourself – you could face a loss of your medical license or even be hit with criminal charges. To top it off, you have to be able to identify and deal with patients doctor shopping for narcotics and worry about the consequences if one gets through.

But you don’t have to go through it alone…

Healthcare attorney, Ann Bittinger, Esq, can provide you with the tools you need to better protect yourself and your practice. She presented a plain-English training session that will provide you with the information you need to reduce the risks you face inherent in prescribing controlled substances. Ms. Bittinger will provide you with the specific steps necessary so you don’t end up in serious legal and financial trouble surrounding your controlled substance prescriptions.

By viewing this 60-minute online session, you’ll receive real-world case examples from the strictest states so you are sure to comply – which is essential considering the consequences. Here are just a few of the strategies you’ll receive from this must-attend session:

1.  Prescription Authorization Agreements – Don’t be caught without one
2.  Dispensing vs. Prescribing – Get the real answer to keep you out of trouble
3.  Detect drug seekers faster than ever with the latest diversion red flags
4.  DEA requests and HIPAA – where you can draw the line
5.  NPP Supervision – Don’t lose your license for doing it wrong
6.   Documentation and recordkeeping requirements that could save you if you are ever investigated
7.  Respond to a Show Cause Order the right way and lessen your risk
8.  And so much more…

Compliance can really only happen if all key staff are on board and working together. Accordingly, this online session will provide practical solutions for both providers and administrative managers alike.

Don’t let State and Federal legal requirements for writing controlled substance prescriptions land you in legal hot water. Watch this practical online training by a leading healthcare attorney and avoid the serious consequences of failed comply with controlled substance laws.

Meet Your Expert

Ann M. Bittinger
JDAttorney, Bittinger Law Firm

Ann Bittinger is an AV-rated, board certified attorney who has represented businesses since 1998.

She provides advice to physicians, pharmacists and other health care professionals in administrative hearings before the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regarding allegations of registration/license violations, inappropriate prescribing, improper record-keeping, and other types of disciplinary infractions. She represents clients before the DEA administrative law judges where DEA seeks to suspend or revoke their DEA numbers. She also assist physicians or other health care professionals in applying for a DEA registration despite potential concerns with their background.

She advise clients on federal and state laws and regulations governing the proper storing, prescribing, dispensing, and administering of controlled substances so that its clients can avoid DEA disciplinary action. She assists physicians and pharmacies to ensure compliance with all controlled substances laws and regulations under both federal and state law by creating compliance plans and conducting on-site inspections of registered facilities.