Protect Your Practice with Proven COVID-19 Infection Control Protocols


Stop risking the health of your practice. Trusting random online information when it comes to protecting your practice from COVID-19 is dangerous – to you, your staff and your patients – not to mention your increased liability should something go wrong.

Implementing the WRONG protocols can leave everyone that enters your practice at a heightened risk of contracting this hyper-infectious virus. But there is a way to cut through the thousands of online pages and to have confidence in the disinfection methods that you implement.

This is where infectious disease practitioner, Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH, can help.

During his upcoming, 60-minute online training on Tuesday, July at 21st at 1 pm ET, Dr. Siddiqui will walk you through the real-world practice-based disinfection solutions, along with step-by-step guidance on how to successfully implement them.

Here are just a few of the practice-based COVID-19 infection control questions you’ll get answered by attending this upcoming, must-attend online training:

  • What personal protective equipment (PPE) should your front desk staff wear?
  • Should you really invest in air filters to prevent viral spread – are they worth it?
  • How long should you leave bleach sitting on a service for decontamination to occur?
  • What steps do your staff need to take to keep blood pressure cuffs disease-free?
  • Will adding ceiling or exhaust fans in your practice better protect patients and staff?
  • Can taking an increased amount of Vitamin D help reduce COVID-19 symptoms should you get sick?
  • Is it important for your staff to cover their arms to meet safety guidelines?
  • How soon should a patient be tested before coming to your office for non-COVID related care?
  • What viable options are available for replacing hard-to-stock sanitizing wipes?
  • Should you require your front desk staff to wear gloves when handling patient items (i.e. insurance cards, money, credit cards, pens, etc)?
  • What new OSHA COVID-19 Related Rules are you required to implement?
  • How do you determine when, where and if sneeze guards are actually needed?
  • Should your staff still wear masks if your practice is NOT treating COVID-19 patients?
  • What disinfection and sanitation equipment will improve your practice’s long-term safety?
  • Is there a faster alternative to bleach for sanitizing your office services?
  • And so much more…

WARNING: Don’t make the mistake of relying on random online resources to protect your practice from this dangerous virus. Doing so leaves your practice’s health, finances and liability at great risk. Also, if you’ve already implemented safety protocols, this upcoming online training will be a great resource to help you determine what you are doing right, and what you should change to really protect your practice.

Unlike big hospitals, your budget is not unlimited, and you don’t have an endless number of staff to disinfect your practice.

Don’t worry.

During this upcoming online training, Dr. Siddiqui will provide you with infection control methods that will work for you (regardless of your practice’s specialty, size or location).

CDC disinfection rules apply to every medical practice.  The challenge is, although you know what you want to accomplish, determining the most efficient, cost-effective, and successful ways to achieve them is far from simple. Well, the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Dispel the sanitation myths and put your disinfection protocol into action today.

Don’t wait, register for this upcoming online training today.

Hurry, seats will fill up fast. Attendance will be limited to ensure that Dr. Siddiqui has the time to answer all training participant questions.

Register right now.

Past Webinar Reviews:

“Too many benefits to list. There were a number of helpful knowledge points throughout the seminar.” 
– MD, CEO Ascent Care Providers

“I liked learning about the different disinfectants that we could use to clean our practice. Also, what would work the best for our practice setting and the side effects of some of the more popular cleaning agents.”
– Front Desk Manager, Pediatric Therapy Practice

Meet Your Expert

Javeed Siddiqui
MD, MPHCo-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Siddiqui co-founded TeleMed2U, where he serves as the Chief Medical Officer, and is the primary developer of clinical programs and strategy. He directs TeleMed2U’s extensive group of multi-specialty medical providers, and is instrumental in managing the operational and business development aspects of the practice. Dr. Siddiqui also practices inpatient and outpatient telemedicine as an Infectious Disease physician member of the group.