Contact Tracing: Avoid Another COVID-19 Shutdown for Your Practice

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Brian Ramos, MBA, CMPE

With a second wave of COVID-19 outbreak looming, effective contact tracing is being touted as the only way for you to isolate the source of infection and avoid having your doors shut by state officials.

The challenge is how to effectively add these duties into your already busy practice. Hospitals will most likely designate a full-time person to contact tracing.

In a practice, this just isn’t going to happen. That means that the duties will most likely fall to you.

That’s where practice consultant, Brian Ramos, MBA, CMPE, can help. During his online training session, Brian will walk you through exactly how to implement a COVID-19 Contact Tracing plan into your practice. You’ll get step-by-step, actionable advice that you can put into place quickly and easily.

Here are just a few of the practical, easy-to-implement COVID-19 contact tracing strategies that you’ll receive by attending this online training session:

  • Develop and maintain a simple scorecard to track your contact tracing efforts
  • Track potential contact points easier and more effective with 5 must-have questions
  • Use contact tracing to bolster patient confidence to come back to your office
  • Avoid HIPAA violations when reporting positive COVID-19 patients
  • Head off employee liability when reporting possible exposure to your patients
  • Use easy-to-implement educational documents for COVID-19 patients to slow infection spread
  • Communicate mandatory self-quarantine guidelines for COVID-19 exposed staff
  • Implement effectively timed follow up with patients who were potentially exposed
  • Pin down when and if you are required to report test results to your public health department
  • Implement timed follow up with patients to monitor them for new symptoms
  • And so much more…

Who Should Attend:  This training is essential for both dental and medical practices regardless of their specialty, size, or location. Most likely this training will be most beneficial to individuals in leadership positions.

Although implementing contact tracing at your practice is currently only highly recommended by the CDC, the expectation is that Medicare will make it a requirement should COVID-19 continue to wreak havoc across the country.   So, register for this online training to get your processes in place now.

Experts agree that the COVID-19 virus will be back and that a vaccine is probably still a year away (if there is one). That means that effectively tracing COVID-19 outbreaks will be essential to your ability to keep this virus under control. It will also provide you with the necessary tools to avoid the possibility of future shutdowns.

Don’t wait. Sign up for this expert-led online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Brian Ramos
MBA, CMPEChief Operating Officer of Capital Anesthesia Partners

Brian Ramos is an entrepreneurial medical practice executive and serves as Chief Operating Officer of Capital Anesthesia Partners.  Although a full time COO, Mr. Ramos regularly speaks for national organizations on topic ranging from post-COVID-19 practice strategies to how to keep your office running profitably.

Mr. Ramos earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Computer Science from Boston College and a Master of Business Administration from Fitchburg State University. He is a Certified Medical Practice Executive of the American College of Medical Practice Executives. Additionally, Mr. Ramos serves on several boards including: President & Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Maryland MGMA, Treasurer of the Maryland Patient Care & Access Coalition and the Board of Visitors of Fenway Health.


Very informative.
Roberta Cook
President and CEO, Bhcare
The webinar was very informative and helpful in regards to contact tracing.
Margie Johnson
Executive Director, Beloved Community Family Wellness Center
The webinar provided overall good content.
Dagmar Lozano
Administrator, Gonzaba Medical Group