Take Action Now to Stop COVID-19 Financial Losses

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Ike Devji, JD

It’s up to you whether your practice’s COVID-19 financial losses are covered or not.

Your insurance policies can protect you from legal threats and even damages that you’ve already incurred but you MUST know where to look. Reviewing your coverage and identifying gaps that could expose you to complaints of negligence and potential lawsuits is really confusing. For example, who’s responsible if a patient or employee believes they contracted COVID-19 at your practice? If you’re not careful, it could be YOU.

Luckily, there are steps you can take that will limit your practice’s COVID-19 specific risks, but you must take action NOW…

This is where healthcare attorney, Ike Devji, JD, can help. During his 60-minute online training, Ike will walk you through exactly how to protect your practice from COVID-19 liability and losses with step-by-step, actionable tactics you can implement.

Here are just a few of the proven COVID-19 liability protection strategies you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Identify your ongoing business risks to stop potential employee lawsuits
  • Pin down when and if your insurance really protects your practice
  • Clearly communicate your practice’s disinfection protocols to head off expensive legal action
  • Add asset plan to provide the best possible protection against financial loss
  • Adopt documentation tactics that will help stave off allegations of wrongdoing
  • Determine when and if more liability insurance coverage should be added
  • Conduct staff training proven to help ease patient concerns and avoid losing patients
  • Implement plan to stop employee and PPE shortages from leading to a lawsuit
  • Develop compliance essentials that combat coronavirus litigation
  • And so much more…

WARNING: Failure to put written disinfection policies in place will result in increased practice risk. Already this year, almost a thousand COVID-19 lawsuits have been filed. You must take action NOW to protect your practice.

To provide the best care to your patients, your practice and staff must be shielded from liability and the fear that comes with it. This online training session will help you protect yourself and your practice from expensive legal actions, using the resources that you already have on hand.

Register for this exclusive online training to gain access to the expert advice you’d be hard-pressed to find on your own.

Meet Your Expert

Ike Devji

Ike Devji and his professional partners bring over a century of combined experience to identifying and creating monolithic barriers against the things, people and events that pose threats to the wealth of those he serves.

Ike Devji has personally practiced from Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona for over 17  years as an Asset Protection only lawyer and helps protect a national client base of thousands of clients representing nearly $6 Billion in personal assets.

Mr. Devji is the former managing attorney of the United States’ largest Asset Protection only law firm, Lodmell & Lodmell, P.C and is currently of-Counsel with the firm. Ike helps protect clients in all 50 states and a dozen plus foreign countries in the area of Asset Protection. He is also of-counsel with the Arizona based business law firm of Davis Miles Mcguire Gardner, a leading business law firm with offices in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

Ike has personally designed and executed well north of 500 comprehensive Asset Protection plans for clients in the seven to nine figure net worth range and those on their way to accumulating significant wealth.

He has been listed among WORTH Magazine’s “Leading Wealth and Legal Advisors” and is the only Asset Protection Lawyer included. His article ASSET PROTECTION 101 was honored by the Academy of Financial Services in 2009 and continues to be used to educate clients, CPAs and financial advisors and attorneys across the country.


Very informative and professionally presented.
John Kim
Dentist, Litchfield Dental Care