Effective Apr 1st: COVID-19 Rule Changes- How You Pay Your Practice Employees

Date: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 1:00PM ET Experts: Kevin Troutman, Lariza Hebert Length: 90 minutes CEU: 1.5

The Coronavirus pandemic is making it harder than ever for you to keep your practice up and running.

In addition to the millions of patient issues you manage each day, you must also overcome a slew of employee-related problems.  One of the most challenging is to comply with NEW regulations that went into effect April 1st , which change when and how much you are required to pay your employees.

The challenges you must overcome are unprecedented and seem to be changing by the minute. The only answer is to get proven advice from someone who understands these issues. Unfortunately, it could cost thousands to get your pertinent questions answered by a qualified attorney, but there is an alternative…

On Tuesday, April 7th at 1pm, ET, management-side employment attorneys, A. Kevin Troutman and Lariza Hebert, will present a 90-minute online training to give you the employment-related answers you need to make it through.

During this training, you’ll receive easy-to-follow advice that will help your practice continue to see patients and have confidence that you are complying with important employment-related rules, including the COVID-19 Response Act going into effect April 1st.

By attending this upcoming online training, you’ll get answers to essential questions related to the COVID-19 Response Act and other top practice employment issues. Here are a just a few of the questions you’ll get answered during this expert-led 90-minute training:

  • Are you responsible for paying employees that are unable to work due to being infected?
  • As a small practice, do you have to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
  • Are you required to let your practice employees work from home, regardless of their position?
  • Is your practice required to pay employees who stay home with their children due to school closures?
  • Are you required to compensate non-full-time employees even if you don’t have work for them to do?
  • How long are you required to hold an employee position open at your practice?
  • What are the specific reasons that require your practice to pay sick leave?
  • Are you required to pay employee time off at the full-rate of pay?
  • Are brand new employees eligible to receive full pay if they can’t work?
  • What if you don’t have the cash flow to pay all employees due to reduced patients?
  • Must you continue to pay an employee if they refuse to come to work because of fear of infection?
  • What should you do if an employee has flu-like symptoms but refuses to go home?
  • If an employee refuses to work because you are out of masks, must you continue to pay them?
  • Is COVID-19 a recordable employee illness for the purposes of your OSHA Logs?
  • Can you prohibit an employee from traveling to a non-restricted area on their personal time?
  • If employees are told they can’t come to work, are they still entitled to group health plan coverage?
  • Can you apply time missed to employee vacation and leave balances?
  • Does contraction of COVID-19 implicate the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)?
  • Can you send employees home who exhibit potential symptoms of the virus at work?
  • Is HIPAA a concern if you supply employee personal information to public officials upon request?
  • Do you have any Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) concerns related to COVID-19?
  • If your employee contracts COVID-19 at work, will this result in a compensable workers’ comp claim?
  • And so much more…

Who Should Attend: If you manage, own or operate a practice that employs any number of people this upcoming online training session is a must-attend. Regardless of your practice size, location or specialty, this expert-led online training will provide you with the frontline, practical advice necessary to help you avoid innocent mistakes that could lead to costly outcomes.

With new employee compensation regulations going into effect April 1st, and employee-related challenges being driven by the coronavirus pandemic, now is not the time to figure it out as you go along. The good news is that you don’t have to face this alone.

Don’t wait, register for this upcoming online training today.

P.S. Access to this training is limited and is expected to fill up quickly. To guarantee your access, register for this upcoming online training today

Meet Your Experts

Kevin TroutmanPartner at Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Kevin is currently a partner in the Houston office of Fisher and Phillips law firm. He focuses his practice on working with healthcare clients, providing practical business solutions that minimize their legal exposure. Kevin keeps his client’s business objectives foremost in mind, by providing day-to-day advice regarding a variety of employment and people management issues.  In doing so, he calls upon his experience as an attorney and his years of practical experience as a former human resources executive, including a period when he was responsible for 22 hospitals in five states.

Kevin has successfully handled lawsuits and administrative proceedings involving a wide array of workplace legal issues including, but not limited to. discrimination, harassment, retaliation, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations, wage and hour matters, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations, whistleblower and False Claims Act (FCA) retaliation, defamation and related torts.

Kevin co-chairs the firm’s national Healthcare Industry Group. He has also been a speaker at many industry and human resources events. He is a frequent contributor to publications that report on issues important to the organizations he helps. Community-conscious, Kevin has served on various Boards of Directors, including a community hospital, private schools and a Chamber of Commerce. He is “AV” Peer Review rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

Lariza Hebert Associate Attorney at Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Lariza Hebert is an associate in the Houston office of Fisher and Phillips law firm.  She represents clients in a broad range of labor and employment matters, including unlawful discrimination claims, harassment claims, retaliation claims, independent contractor issues, employee leave issues, trade secret litigation, and more.

Lariza has litigated before state, federal, and administrative agencies, and has participated in dispute resolutions before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Texas Workforce Commission.

Lariza has successfully defended and obtained judgments for her clients. She represents clients in all industries, including retail, energy, food manufacturing and processing, healthcare, and automotive.

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