Study Tips to Pass the Certified Coder Exam the First Time


There is no doubt about it, the CPC© exam is tough. It’s a grueling 5+ hours long. And a variety of sources show that ONLY about 50% of coders receive the 70% necessary to pass it on the first time. That leaves the remaining 50% needing to take the test again. And let’s face it, who wants to take this test more than once!!!

The secret to passing this extreme exam is TIME. You must know HOW to triage both your study time leading up to the exam, and your actual test-taking time. This is what expert trainer, Jeffrey Restuccio, CPC, COC, MBA, will show you how to. During his 90-minute online training, Jeff will provide you with his proven studying and test-taking strategies that will help you pass your CPC© exam easier than you thought possible.

Here are just a few of the dozens of proven studying and test-taking strategies you’ll receive by completing this practical, step-by-step, 90-minute CPC©-exam online training session:

  • Avoid losing exam time when you don’t know the answer
  • Master the exam section breakdown so there are no surprises
  • Implement a study timeline so you’re REALLY ready when you take the test
  • Avoid getting your CPT book thrown out of the exam
  • Figure out when it’s okay to guess on the exam
  • Uncover how a ruler can help you avoid stupid mistakes
  • Maximize long and short-term memory tools to retain more
  • Use proven tactics to help you master exam-related anatomy and terminology
  • How to use your CPT manual margins to help you pass the first time
  • Avoid letting trick test questions trip you up
  • How to use medical terminology roots to figure out unknown terms
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: This session is for EVERYONE preparing to take the CPC© exam regardless of their coding experience. Even the most skilled coders can fail this exam (and do every day).  Order and get the proven strategies you need to both study for, and actually take the exam, so you can be one of the 50% that pass.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the CPC© exam for the first time, or retaking it for a second or third (or even fourth) time, you don’t have to face it alone. Don’t wait, order this online training session today and get the tools you need to pass this difficult test.

Meet Your Expert

Jeffrey Restuccio

Jeff has over 20 years experience in providing a full range of services to health care providers including auditing over 10,000 medical charts. He is a certified coding instructor specializing in coding, billing and documentation. Since 2007 he has taught over 350 live seminars on coding, billing, and documentation. provides auditing and coding and billing training such as a coding certification prep course.