CPT Coding 101 for Everyone

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Anyone can read a CPT manual and pick a code, but not everyone can pick the correct code. Unless you know how to optimally use your Coding Manual, you can count on choosing the wrong code, getting your claims denied, and watching your reimbursement go down.

This is a real problem in smaller practices where the office manager, physician or front desk manager is responsible for choosing the most appropriate code. This can be disastrous, because they’ve never actually been trained on how to really utilize the CPT coding manual accurately and to their benefit.

You can access this quick, down and dirty, online training session on that will get your entire team up to speed. This plain-English, step-by-step session is specifically for healthcare professionals (both clinical and administrative) that are involved in the coding process (even peripherally), but haven’t been formally trained in coding (or are just starting out).

Here are just a few of the practical, usable tactics you and your team will receive by completing this online training:

  • Master CPT manual symbols – without them you’re guessing at the right code
  • Easy-to-understand E/M guidelines that will give you confidence in choosing your levels
  • Stop letting modifiers get in the way of correct payments – learn where they really belong
  • Maneuver through your CPT manual faster and easier AND pick the right code
  • How to really use your medical terminology knowledge to your benefit
  • And so much more…

Make sure that you, your staff and your providers have the necessary knowledge to ensure your claims are as accurate as possible and you get paid more of what you deserve by viewing this easy-to-understand online training.

Coding correctly and filing accurate claims is a team effort. This session will help your entire team make this happen.

Meet Your Expert

Lynn Anderanin
CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CPPM, COSCSr. Director of Coding Education, Healthcare Information Services

She has 35-years experience in all areas of physician practice management, compliance, coding and reimbursement. She leads a team of more than 65 certified professional coders.

She is certified as a professional coder and practice manager. Lynn has spoken at American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) national conferences, workshops, and audio conferences and is a former member of the AAPC’s National Advisory Board. She is also the founder of her Local AAPC Chapter.