Injections and Infusions: Code More Accurately, Get Paid More


Coding for injections and infusion services is not only complex, it’s downright frustrating.

Add to this the thousands and thousands of dollars in drug costs that can be lost if you code these claims incorrectly, and the stakes just shot through the roof. However, there is something you can do about it.

With a few proven techniques from national coding expert, Lynn Anderanin, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CPPM, COSC, you can reduce denials and get paid more for your injection and infusion claims.

During this online training session, Lynn will walk you through how to file more accurate injection and infusion claims, and ultimately collect more of the reimbursement you deserve. For example, here are just a few of the questions you’ll be able to answer after attending this 60-minute, step-by-step, online training:

  • Is hydration separately reimbursable?
  • Is hydration considered an infusion, injection or push?
  • How to apply initial, concurrent and sequential more accurately to choose the right one?
  • When should an injection be reported as a push?
  • What CCI 2020 Policy Manual guidelines apply when billing these claims?
  • Plus, so much more…

In addition to getting answers to the injection and infusion coding questions above, here are some additional strategies you’ll receive by attending this online training:

  • Assign codes for hydration and infusion of multiple drugs accurately every time
  • Get paid for more of the supportive drugs you administer with this little-known tactic
  • Capture the highest allowable reimbursement with quick “initial” and “subsequent” admin code tip
  • Cut through the confusion of assigning infusion HCPCS drug codes
  • Use readily available resources to capture optimal drug administration reimbursement
  • Uncover ICD-10-CM chemo treatment guidelines to ensure you avoid denials
  • Uncover included and excluded services to maximize pay-up and reduce denials
  • Incorporate proven start and stop time documentation methods that your docs will really use
  • And so much more…

This live online training will help you pin down injection and infusion required documentation, successfully account for drug payments, and uncover additional reimbursement opportunities for these every-day services.

Coding for injection and infusion services can send even the most seasoned coder over the edge

Between the required code hierarchy, the multitude of interchangeable add-on codes, and drugs being injected and infused along with the units administered, it’s surprising anything gets paid.

Not to mention the fact that infusion codes have multiple meanings, which can make getting paid accurately and optimally almost impossible.

In only 60 minutes, you can gain the tools you need to code your injection and infusion claims more accurately, reduce your denials for these complex services and boost your overall reimbursement for both the administration and drugs related to injection and infusions.

Don’t wait.

If you submit even one injection or infusion claim, sign up for this must-attend training session today.

Meet Your Expert

Lynn Anderanin
CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CPPM, COSCSr. Director of Coding Education, Healthcare Information Services

She has 35-years experience in all areas of physician practice management, compliance, coding and reimbursement. She leads a team of more than 65 certified professional coders.

She is certified as a professional coder and practice manager. Lynn has spoken at American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) national conferences, workshops, and audio conferences and is a former member of the AAPC’s National Advisory Board. She is also the founder of her Local AAPC Chapter.


Kept to topic; Concise Discussion.
Michele DeLeonibus
Medical Coder/Auditor, Premier Medical Associates
The Webinar had the handouts and other downloads readily available. The webinar started on time and Q&A answered a lot of asked questions.
Valerie Petersen
Coding Manager, Resolution Consulting