Head Off Provider Credentialing Headaches with Proven Tracking Tools

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Tracey Tokheim

There is a lot riding on you accurately keeping track of your provider’s numerous credentialing and enrollment obligations. If something falls through the cracks, or if the information is not 100% accurate, they can be left with no way to get paid for the services they provide.

Whether you are managing payer credentialing requests, updating hospital applications or adding a new provider, there are a million places where things can go wrong. Every payer, hospital, and government agency has their own unique requirements, and without the right monitoring tools, it can seem impossible to stay ahead.

Fortunately, credentialing expert, Tracey Tokheim, can help. During an online training, Tracy will walk you through each step of a successful credentialing and enrollment management process. Whether you are managing one or 100 providers, she’ll help you determine how you can streamline your current monitoring processes to reduce your hassle and improve the outcomes.

Here are just a few of the plain-English, easy-to-implement credentialing and enrollment monitoring strategies that you’ll receive by attending this 60-minute online training:

  • Head off the top barriers to successful enrollment before they’re a problem
  • Overcome the most common application “red flags” to keep revenue flowing
  • Determine whether a credentialing software is worth the cost
  • Pinpoint when and what process – enrollment, credentialing, or privileging – you need
  • Implement the keys that unlock a successful tracking system customized for your practice
  • How to successfully include hospital privileging tracking into the mix
  • Prevent lost enrollment applications with proven provider activity tracking tool
  • Understand the exact differences between credentialing and enrollment
  • Proven tactics to speed up your providers response time to your information requests
  • Avoid data overload, determine what information you really NEED to track
  • And so much more…

Who should attend? Anyone who is new to credentialing, enrollment, or privileging, or needs a refresher will benefit from the proven tips and strategies in this expert-led session. Also, if you need help cutting hours from your process or find you’re missing steps and delaying approvals, then this session is a must-attend.

The most common credentialing and enrollment errors are due to poor processes. Whether it’s a missed deadline or an incomplete application, the result can be financially devastating for your practice. The good news is, that with a few process modifications, you can improve the accuracy and timeliness of your credentialing and enrollment compliance, and keep your reimbursement flowing.

You can lighten your credentialing and enrollment burden by registering for this expert-led, 60-minute online training. Don’t wait to sign up. Access to this online training is limited to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to get their specific questions answered by credentialing expert, Tracey Tokheim. Sign up online today.

P.S. Added Bonus, register for this online training, and you will receive a free downloadable Provider Credentialing Tracking Worksheet includes multiple tabs to help you track provider data, deadlines, status, and other details all in 1 place! Plus, you can easily customize it and tailor it to suit your own needs. This is your chance to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your credentialing processes, keep your providers happy and keep your reimbursement flowing.Provider Credentialing Tools.

Attendee Reviews:

4.5 out of 5 for both usefulness and speaker engagement.

Here are just a few of the many rave reviews Tracey has received from her prior credentialing and enrollment online training sessions:

“I loved it!!! Very detailed, wonderful advice, and love that she gave resources!”

— Linde Ashley, Office Specialist, Klamath Basin Behavioral Health, Oregon

“Tracey did well in explaining every detail that needed to be explained. She made sure to hit the process from beginning to end and how a person can do it on their own.”

— Marisol Perez, Executive Assistant, CENTA, Indiana

“I only track 4 providers but I found the organizing tools applied to other aspects of my job.  BTW: When you add a new doctor every 4 years a brush up on requirements is needed.”

— Connie Cooper, Administrative Support, EyeCare Associates of Texas

“Tracey NEVER disappoints! I’ve done a webinar with a very similar name by another training site; they spent the entire time trying to sell me a software package. I love that samples were provided that I can incorporate into what I am already using! Thank you once again for the fantastic training! I never feel like I’ve wasted my time or the Hospital’s money with Tracey! ”

— Wendy Birch, Clinic Supervisor, Yoakum County Hospital

“The presenter was very well spoken and crafted a thoughtful presentation. As with good trainings, I have multiple leads to follow up on and many questions now floating through my mind. Thank you. I also appreciate that the presenter seems honest in communication and her desire to help especially people new to the field.

— Shannon Vogel, Grant Manager, North Texas Behavioral Health Authority

Meet Your Expert

Tracey TokheimAperture Credentialing, LLC

A recognized leader known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business goals through the development and execution of process efficiency, out-of-the box thinking, and key management partnerships.

While serving as a Product Line Senior Director with Aperture Credentialing, LLC, Tracey has achieved a strong customer collaboration to secure customer commitment to efficient provider enrollment/credentialing and the use of our products to get to a very efficient process.

Tracey’s career is comprised of over fifteen years management experience and over ten years project management execution while being recognized by staff for exceptional customer focus and employee recognition opportunity as “One of our Best” nominated by employees and leaders.

Tracey has dedicated her adult career to health care organizations experiencing process failure and been a part of achieving process success, execution successful implementation of training and process change, and leaves a mark as a leader by example.

Tracey holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Project Management and donates time and dollars to help children play sports who otherwise cannot afford it.    She also has a passion for the outdoors while spending time with family and on her Harley.  Tracey lives in Minnesota hence being outdoors is a love and a must.  Even in the cold!!!