Proven Dental Practice Phone Etiquette Skills to Keep Patients Coming Back

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Angela Davis Sullivan

All it takes is one bad phone experience to lose a patient to another dental practice – regardless of how much money you spend on marketing or the quality of the care you provide.

Poor patient phone communications can make or break your dental practice – REALLY. This is true regardless of your practice’s location, size, or clinical expertise. In fact, the number one reason patients leave dental practices is due to poor service, which commonly occurs over the phone.

Even if your patients love your dentists and hygienists, a bad phone experience can quickly send them packing. So, while you’re concentrating on providing the best possible care, your practice is being sabotaged, and poor phone etiquette is the culprit (and your team may not even realize it).

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

This is where dental practice management expert Angela Davis Sullivan comes in. During this online training, Angela will provide you with a clear plan so you can improve your team’s phone skills based on her 30-year career helping dental practices meet their full potential. She’ll walk you through how to WOW your patients over the phone. You’ll also learn how to identify communication problems before they affect your bottom line.

Here are just a few of the proven dental practice phone etiquette skills that you’ll receive during this exclusive 60-minute online training event:

  • Defuse patient frustrations before they lead to anger
  • Make patients feel heard, even when you have to put them on hold
  • Phone greetings that are sure to boost patient retention
  • Uncover when and how to successfully escalate angry patients
  • Help new patients commit by building their confidence in your practice
  • Calm angry patients fast with simple phone phrases
  • Avoid confusion when answering patient questions on pricing
  • Make patients feel important even when your office is crazy
  • Proven phone etiquette skills to reduce appointment no shows
  • Stop insurance mistakes from negatively reflecting on your practice
  • Phone phrases that calm even the angriest patients
  • Prevent simple HIPAA errors that can get you audited and fined
  • And much more…

How your team communicates over the phone with your patients reflects directly on your practiceboth positively and negatively. It is critical that your patients feel heard, validated, and welcomed when you speak with them. Failure to make this happen can have dire consequences for your dental practice.

So here’s the bottom line, the time and effort you spend building your dental practice and ensuring that your patients receive excellent care is all for naught if you fail to invest in essential team phone etiquette skills.

You don’t have to settle for average or even good patient phone interactions. Instead, during this online training, your team can gain the phone etiquette skills they need to ensure excellent patient phone communications every time. Don’t wait. View this training today.

Meet Your Expert

Angela Davis SullivanDental Practice Business & Development Coach

Angela is a Dental practice business and development coach.  Angela brings over 30 years of hands on experience, while helping doctors and teams reach their full potential.  Angela is also a speaker and educator for dental practices.

Her background as an administrator, expanded function dental assistant, New patient coordinator, office manager, and advanced training with dental management systems is invaluable with the day to day operations in a dental office, with the doctor, and with the team.

Angela has a special passion and skill for bringing out the best in team members and developing outstanding office managers as well as helping dentists become better leaders.


The webinar was great!It was nice to hear from different perspectives and learn about ways to become a better listener.
Samantha Foy
Operations Director, Dental Town Dentistry