E/M Coding: Unmatched Expert Tactics to Boost Your Payup


Although just about all office-based practices code E/M services, very few get it right. Medicare data shows that 45% of all E/M claims are filed incorrectly. As a seasoned E/M coder, your error rate may not be this high, but even one mistake can cause lost revenue that is rightfully yours.

Not every coder is up to the challenge of seriously reducing their E/M claims error rate. This isn’t basic E/M coding. You need a solid understanding of E/M guidelines, and then you can take it to the next level.

You deserve to be paid every penny possible for your E/M services, and you can be with a little help…

E/M Coding Expert, Marsha S. Diamond, CPC, COC, CCS, CPMA, developed an Advanced E/M Coding online training session that can help you take your E/M coding to the next level. This training is reserved ONLY for those coders that have surpassed E/M basics, and will be able to grasp the proven methodologies designed to improve the accuracy of your E/M coding and ultimately the reimbursement your claims receive.

This practical, step-by-step training will show you how to identify problems in your E/M coding process, how you can rectify your issues, and specifically what you need to do to bring in more reimbursement for these complex claims – without crossing any lines. Remember, getting paid now isn’t worth getting in trouble later.

Here are some of the results you’ll experience after incorporating the proven E/M coding methods offered in this 60-minute advanced training:

  • Boost payments for a procedure and E/M service on the same day
  • Maximize pay-up for time-based coding and get the documentation you need to justify it
  • Stop overcoding your E/M levels with an easy-to-use tool and avoid an audit
  • Avoid modifier 25 denials with simple-to-implement identifiers that really work
  • Head off carrier recoupment requests with simple documentation changes for multiple conditions
  • Uncover the secret of when to utilize CMS’s overarching criteria for E/M Level selection
  • Cut through multi-carrier E/M guideline confusion with insider tool
  • Capture lost revenue from undercoding without crossing any lines
  • And so much more…

Arm yourself with the proven tools and tactics being provided in this online training session. Don’t wait sign up today.

Meet Your Expert

Marsha S. Diamond
CPC, CPC-H, CCS, CPMA Manager, Coding/Compliance, Physician and Outpatient Services, Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc

Marsha has been involved in the medical coding, compliance, billing, healthcare reimbursement, education and management fields for over 30 years.

Her experience encompasses academic medicine, hospital, hospital-based physicians, physicians and facility coding. She is the author of coding textbooks, Mastering Medical Coding, Code Compass, Understanding Hospital Coding and Billing, Coders Resource Handbook, as well as a significant number of coding and compliance-related articles for publications and newsletters.

Ms. Diamond is an Instructor and Department Chair, Health Information Technology in the Central Florida area. She has been a speaker for National AAPC conferences, MGMA, State AHIMA conferences and physician groups as well as various coding publications. Ms. Diamond has served as a past AAPC National Advisory Board member and as Orlando AAPC chapter President for several years.