E/M Made Easy for Physicians by a Physician


Doctors don’t look at documentation the same way as coders or auditors do. So, why should they have to approach E/M coding the same way? The answer is, they don’t have to any longer.

Just like most physicians, M. Tray Dunaway, MD, didn’t want to know anything about coding – especially complex E/M coding. He was frustrated and tired of hearing excuses on why his E/M revenues couldn’t be higher. Then he identified the solution…

Dr. Dunaway decided NOT to select his E/M levels based on his documentation, but instead he developed a method that worked better with the function of being a provider. And his process was so successful, he decided to make it his mission to share it with physicians across the country.

In only 90-minutes, providers will get everything they need to use Dr. Dunaway’s system, and the headache of E/M coding will be gone FOREVER.

This new physician-centric, “backwards” approach to E/M coding will:

• Allow you to more accurately select higher E/M levels that more accurately reflect the work you perform
• Boost Your E/M services revenue based on more provable level 4 and 5 codes
• Save you time, energy and frustration from trying to follow coder-targeted E/M guidelines
• Bulletproof your documentation to survive an audit – should one occur
• Put you in control to choose the most accurate E/M code and protect it against downcoding by your coder or carrier

Dr. Dunaway has come up with simple direction, not complex guidelines, specifically for physicians (from any specialty). You’ll learn his systematic approach to more precisely code your E/M services. You’ll cut out time, hassle and frustration, and increase your E/M cash flow.

Join the thousands of other physicians that have adopted Dr. Dunaway’s easy to implement program. His proven system uses medical decision-making (MDM) as a catalyst to selecting the appropriate level – saving you time and increasing your reimbursement.

In just 90-minutes you will walk away with a documentation system that you control and can have a huge impact on your practice’s revenue. The program is:

Accurate: It’s 100% compliant. Your documentation will support your code choice, and will be justified by the MDM complexity. It will be auditor bulletproof.

Physician-centric: Instead of learning complicated algorithms for each individual grouping of codes, all you need is one algorithm that converges on the proper E/M code. You will be able code like an expert in less than 5 minutes.

Simple: By following a few simple steps for any E/M encounter, for any specialty, with all patients, you’ll end up with the precise code, regardless of your coding knowledge, every time. Consistently.

Fast: You’ll receive proven methods to involve your staff at multiple levels, so you are only doing the work you have to. This saves you time, and in the long run adds patient time (and revenue).

With this compliance correct methodology, you will get every cent of legitimate E/M reimbursement from third party payers you deserve.

Meet Your Expert

M. Tray Dunaway
MD, FACS, CSPPresident, Healthcare Value, Inc

Dr. Dunaway was on every-other-night-on-call general surgeon in a small South Carolina town for seventeen years when he created a streamlined E&M algorithm, (Risk Based Coding™), to simplify and streamline E&M coding after attending a very frustrating coding seminar in Atlanta, GA.

He wrote Pocket Guide to Clinical Coding in 1997 and subsequently left clinical practice to create a physician education business and created the commercially available Dunaway Documentation System.

He has been an award winning, (Designated CSP, Certified Speaking Professional, by the National Speakers Association), full-time speaker and consultant since 2002, has spoken professionally in 47 states to date. His documentation, coding, and compliance programs are fun, entertaining, thought provoking, and solution-oriented for clinicians and coders alike.