Emotional Support Animal Policy Requirements: Protect Your Practice Today


If you haven’t noticed, the number of Emotional Support Animals (ESA) is skyrocketing, along with owner expectations to be able to bring their animals with them everywhere. This includes your physician practice.

How you and your staff handle an ESA in your waiting room can have a dramatic effect on your practice. Handled poorly, ESA owners can file a discrimination lawsuit, make a scene, or plaster negative comments across the web. Or, if you incorrectly turn away a service dog, you’ll have to deal with an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) violation.

The answer to protecting your practice against allegations of discrimination or legal violations is to have a clear policy in place and to training your staff on how to handle specific ESA situations. This is where healthcare compliance attorney, Diana Trevley, JD, CCEP-I, can help.

This 60-minute live online training is specifically designed to help healthcare practices learn how to deal with patients who want to bring service and Emotional Support animals into their office in a way that avoids legal violations, litigation, and reputational damage.

Here are the key Emotional Support Animal management takeaways you’ll receive by attending this, expert-led training:

  • Cut through the confusion and quickly differentiate between service and emotional support animals
  • Implement an ADA-compliant policy for service animals that works for your practice
  • Avoid the most common service animal questions asked that will leave you in an ADA lawsuit
  • Teach your staff how to communicate your ESA policy to patients without causing a scene
  • How to successfully navigate patient complaints due to allergy concerns and the ADA
  • Defeat disruptions due to ESAs (barking, pet messes, etc.) without violating applicable laws
  • And so much more…

Many patients believe that their Emotional Support Animals are the only thing that allows them to function normally.  This makes how you manage these patients even more complex. Without a clear policy in place, it’s easy to make an innocent mistake that can lead to a patient filing a costly, stressful discrimination lawsuit.

Or, just as damaging, your patient could wage a negative online campaign against your practice, which tarnishes your reputation and drives new patients away.

By attending this upcoming live online rebroadcast, you can receive the practical, step-by-step solutions you need to be prepared the next time a patient and their Emotional Support Animal walks into your waiting room.

Don’t wait, register for this must-see online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Diana Trevley
JD, CCEP-ICompliance and Ethics Consultant

Diana Trevley serves as the Compliance and Ethics Consultant at Kendrick and Leigh, where she works to provide organizations with individually tailored compliance and ethics solutions which drive business success.

Prior to joining Kendrick and Leigh, Diana worked as a litigator in the New York and Los Angeles offices of the international law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, where she represented multinational clients in highly regulated industries and specialized in data protection, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, internal investigations, and general business litigation.

Diana graduated from UCLA School of Law in California and is an active member of the California State Bar and the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics. She is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional – International (CCEP-I) and holds a Corporate Compliance Certification from Charlotte School of Law.


The webinar was clear and reemphasized the ADA rules.
Mark Hodges
Chief Compliance and Risk Officer, El Rio Health
It was great, very informative!
Martha Ceballos
Office Manager, Imperial Beach Community Clinic
The webinar provided good graphics and organization.
Meaghen Damato
Assistant, Advanced Diagnostic Pain Treatment Centers
Robin Emrick
Compliance Officer, Union Hospital
Good information and Speaker. Don't change a thing!
Ann Hamilton
Director of Clinic Operations, Sanford Health