Employee Vaccine Requirements: Protect Your Staff, Practice & Patients

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Tracy Billows, JD

Deciding whether to require your staff to get vaccinated or not is a pandora’s box of both legal and financial nightmares. Sure, you want to protect your practice and patients, but unless you do it right you could face huge penalties. Employee Vaccination.

Multiple federal and state laws are cracking down on compliance with employee vaccination requirements, regardless of what you are vaccinating for. All it takes is one employee to complain that your immunization process/policy infringes on their privacy or employment rights, and you’ll be faced with an expensive legal mess.

That’s where employment law attorney, Tracy Billows, JD, can help! During her upcoming 60-minute online training, Tracy will help you pin down those immunization rules you are required to follow, and exactly how to implement them so you protect your practice. She’ll walk you through how to make the best employee vaccination decision for your practice, how to ensure you are not violating employee rights related to vaccines, and how to avoid exposing yourself to a privacy, discrimination, compensation, and employment lawsuit.

Here are just a few of the employee vaccination requirement questions you’ll get answered during this 60-minute online training:

  • How should you modify your employment policies to include COVID-19 and flu immunizations?
  • What can you do to encourage immunization compliance rather than mandate it?
  • Can your staff legally object to having a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • What are the legal ramifications of mandating employee vaccinations?
  • How do vaccination rules differ for front and back-office employees vs. clinical staff?
  • Which Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) rules must you follow?
  • What recourse do you have when an employee refuses a vaccine?
  • Are there specific HIPAA privacy laws you must comply with?
  • Should or shouldn’t you prepare employees for your COVID-19 vaccine expectations (if so, how)?
  • What should you do when an employee refuses to get vaccinated?
  • Can you require that an employee who does not get their flu shot to wear a mask?
  • How does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) affect your vaccination processes?
  • What religious exception documentation can you require an employee provide?
  • What influenza vaccine exemptions do state case laws allow?
  • And much, much more!

There are specific state and federal religious, employee/privacy protection, and information gathering rules you must comply with when considering employee vaccinations – and you MUST MEET THEM ALL. Missing even one requirement can land you in serious legal hot water. Don’t wait another minute! It’s time to review and revise your current vaccination policies and procedures right now, including those for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Don’t make these important employee vaccination requirement decisions on your own. Take the time to MAKE SURE you are legally, and financially protected when complying with immunization requirements. Sign up for this online training today to put a staff vaccination plan into action and spare your practice huge lawsuits and fines.

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Tracy Billows
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Tracy’s practice concentrates on a wide array of Human Resources topics and issues, including policy development and review, auditing the Human Resources functions, leave and absence management, EEO compliance, reductions in force, employee relations, labor relations, performance management, discipline and discharge and various other areas, with an emphasis on instituting best practices and avoiding litigation.

Tracy relieves her clients’ day-to-day pain points related to performance management, discipline, terminations, and reductions in force, with an emphasis on compliance, business needs, and prevention of litigation. When clients have serious employee complaints, she assists with investigations—either advising in-house counsel and HR or conducting the investigation herself. She regularly trains managers, leaders, executives, HR departments, and legal teams on the full suite of labor and employment topics.




The webinar moved pretty quickly and was very informative. Great job handling the Q&A.
Maude Le Roux
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