EMS Claims: Stop Denials/Audits Fast

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Maggie Adams CEU: 1

This year your Medicare Part B ambulance transport claims are being targeted by The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for fraudulent billing. The OIG has reported that 1 in 5 ambulance providers are filing their claims incorrectly, and in turn being paid incorrectly – and now they want their money back.

Medical necessity has been identified as one of the top culprits. Accordingly, the quality of your medical necessity documentation is more important now than ever, and that is where EMS claims expert, Maggie Adams, comes in. During her 60-minute training session, she’ll provide you with what specifically meets medical necessity documentation to increase your payments, decrease denials, and most importantly head off a costly and stressful audit (and survive one should you get audited).

Here are just a few of the practical, plain-English tactics you’ll receive by completing this training:

  • Get crew buy-in for better medical necessity documentation
  • Quickly identify when your ambulance trip has met Medicare’s strong standards for medical necessity
  • Ensure your documentation meets ALL of the critical elements of medical necessity
  • Prove patient conditions undeniably warrant ambulance transport based on your documentation
  • Overcome denials stating that medical necessity has not been adequately documented
  • Master when to use the “GY” modifier to seek a denial for lack of medical necessity
  • Accurately apply a trip report addendum that specifically complies with Medicare guidelines
  • And so much more….

Who should attend this online training: Anyone interested in ensuring your ambulance transportation claims are in compliance and you are paid accurately and optimally – this includes but is not limited to: In-house EMS billers, supervisors and managers, third-party EMS billing companies, emergency and non-emergency ambulance providers, etc.

Billing correctly based on medical necessity is essential – especially while ambulance fraud and abuse is being so closely scrutinized at both the federal and state levels. You can stay out of legal hot water and get paid MORE for your ambulance transport claims. Don’t wait, find out how by ordering this training today.

Meet Your Expert

Maggie AdamsPresident, EMS Financial Services

Maggie Adams is the president of EMS Financial Services, with over 20 years’ experience in the ambulance industry as a business owner and reimbursement and compliance consultant. Known for a practical approach and winning presentation style, Maggie has worked with medical transportation providers and billing companies of all kinds to support their billing, auditing, and documentation training efforts. In the past year, Maggie trained over 6,000 EMS field providers and billers nationwide on EMS billing and EMS documentation compliance. Maggie is a Cum Laude graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.