2-Part Series: Proven ERISA & Medicare Appeal Letters to Get More Denials Paid

Length: 60 Minutes Each Experts: Leonta Williams, Don Self, CPC, CMCS, CASA CEU: 1.0

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Part 1: Boost Denial Revenue w/Expert Medicare Appeal Letter Template

Get proven strategies to help you write an appeal letter template that will get more of your denied claims overturned and improve the reimbursement you receive.   Register for this expert-led online training today to find out how.

Part 2: Get More ERISA Denials Paid, Appeal Letters that Really Work

Combat non-Medicare and Non-Medicaid denials with proven ERISA appeal letter writing strategies. Online training helps you get more claims paid.

Payers deliberately make it difficult for you to overturn your denied claims and get them paid. They don’t want you to know that there are proven ERISA and Medicare appeal letter-writing tactics that really work.

You know what, these two nationally recognized billing and appeals experts don’t care and want to help:

  • Leonta Williams, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, CPC, CPCO, CRC, CEMC, CHONC. Leonta has figured out what it really takes to get more of your Medicare denials paid. During her 60-minute online training, you’ll receive practical, step-by-step processes to help you write winning Medicare appeal letters that will get more of your denied claims paid.
  • Don Self, CPC, CMCS, CASA. Don has cut through the confusion of ERISA denials and knows how to get them overturned. Considering that over 80% of your non-Medicare and non-Medicaid claims are governed by ERISA, mastering ERISA appeals will make a massive difference to your bottom line. This online training will walk you through the process.

Remember that getting you to walk away from your claim denials is the payer’s goal. When this happens, payers get to keep money that is rightfully yours. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

After accessing these two expert-led online trainings, you’ll have the skills to write more effective ERISA and Medicare appeal letters. You’ll have the tools to get more of your denied claims paid. Your practice provided the service, and you can help bring in the reimbursement you deserve. Don’t wait. Sign up today to benefit from the proven appeal tactics in these two expert-led online trainings.


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PART 1: Boost Denial Revenue w/Expert Medicare Appeal Letter Template

Choose the On-Demand Recording or CD-Rom to Watch at Your Convenience.

Payers want you to believe that the time and effort it takes you to appeal your denied claims is barely worth it. Sure, you’ll get some of the claims overturned, but the hoops they make you jump through are exhausting.  appeal letter template

The truth is that you can recover significantly more revenue from your denied claims with a few simple changes to your appeals process. Even if you have an active claim dispute process in place right now, experts agree that there is underlying money just waiting to be collected —  you just have to know how to go after it.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to appeal your denied claims, and this 60-minute online training session will show you how. Join expert Leonta Williams, MBA, RHIA, CCS, CCDS, CPC, CPCO, CHONC, CEMC, CRC and learn how to craft an appeal letter template that saves you massive amounts of time and gets more of your denied claims paid.

By attending this 60-minute live online training, you’ll be able to implement a proven appeal letter template that gets more of your payer denied claims paid. Here is just some of the practical, step-by-step advice you’ll receive:

  • Focus your appeal efforts to make the time you spend really pay off
  • Make smarter appeals decisions to increase your payment percentages
  • Master the exact components of a successful appeals letter template to improve payments
  • Get more claims overturned with proven, must-include appeal language
  • Avoid silly—but common—mistakes that can get your appeals immediately discarded
  • Speed up payments by knowing when to include state and federal supporting guidelines
  • Quickly identify “no-win” appeal situations and stop wasting your time
  • Boost payments by more easily identifying EOB underpayments and downcoding
  • Avoid missed appeal window deadlines by uncovering hidden payer filing rules
  • And much more…

PART 2: Get More ERISA Denials Paid, Appeal Letters that Really Work

Choose the On-Demand Recording or CD-Rom to Watch at Your Convenience

Payers don’t want you to know how to apply ERISA rules to your claims. WHY? Because they want to pay you as little as possible, and ERISA rules will get you paid more. Period.

Over 80% of your non-Medicare and non-Medicaid claims fall under ERISA control. When applied correctly, ERISA gives you the power to overturn denied claims for missed filing deadline rejections, get back reimbursement recoupments, stop payers from downcoding your claims, and so much more.

What’s the catch?

You must know how to write and correctly submit ERISA-based appeal letters. This is where ERISA expert and nationally recognized healthcare consultant Don Self, CPC, CMCS, CASA can help. During his 60-minute online training, Don will walk you through the complexities of writing successful ERISA appeal letters to get more of your non-government payer claims paid.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step ERISA appeal letter writing strategies you’ll receive during this training:

  • Negate adverse rulings with proven ERISA appeal letter verbiage
  • Fight back against payer downcoding with a simple phrase
  • Write an engaging ERISA appeal letter without overstating your case
  • Combat denials for lack of preauthorization when it is even required
  • Increase reimbursement, successfully dispute bundled services
  • Speed up appeal responses – send your letter to the right person
  • Uncover what Plan Administrators really look for in an appeal letter
  • Overturn payer recoupments and get your money back
  • Correctly utilize emotion in your appeal response & get more claims paid
  • Reverse denials, make claim administrative records work for you
  • Master ERISA appeal timelines and get more denials paid
  • And so much more…

Past Webinar Reviews:

“Leonta was quite knowledgeable, clear, and the questions were read out well.”
– Shaym Sharma, Axial Healthcare

“Very informational. Speaker was very knowledgeable. Thank you for this webinar!”
– Karen Van Asch, Pure Health Chiropractic

I think it was awesome, Don did any amazing job! He is very thorough and explains things very well making it easy to understand. My team absolutely loved Don and we look forward to future Webinars with him!
– Jennifer Jenkins, Billing Consultant, 365 Billing Services

I thought Don Self did an excellent job in his presentation. He is very knowledgeable and relatable. I learned a lot and am excited to apply what I learned.
– All Colleagues, Silver Health CARE

Amazing Webinar! I can’t wait to use in my practice!
– Pablo Arteta

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Meet Your Experts

Leonta Williams

Director of Education, AAPC

Leonta “Lee” Williams, is director of education at AAPC. She has more than 18 years of health information management experience as a coding director, auditor, educator, trainer, practice manager, and mentor. She has provided coding leadership and oversight on programs sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission, and Industrial Economics, Inc.

Lee has extensive experience in regulatory compliance, CDI, and risk management. She is founder and past president of the Covington, Ga., local AAPC chapter and served as secretary on the 2018-2021 National Advisory Board. Lee has presented at national healthcare conferences, private healthcare training organizations, and has frequently contributed articles to healthcare publications.



Don Self
CPC, CMCS, CASAFounder of Don Self and Associates

Don Self is the CEO and founder of Don Self & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in medical reimbursements and helping physician practices improve patient outcomes and increase profits while staying compliant with all regulations. Don is also the President of Telecare-USA and has over 38 years of industry experience.