Master Excel® to Better Manage and Track Your Practice Data

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Dennis Taylor

There is a quicker, easier way to get your job done. An easier way to track the millions of details that everyone at your practice depends on you for. The answer in right in front of you: Microsoft Excel®. Excel Spreadsheet

You can use an Excel spreadsheet to instantly track your provider enrollments, help you avoid missed credentialing deadlines, calculate fee schedule, chart employee productivity and scheduling, analyze surveys, and so much more. All it takes is a little know-how.

You’ll learn it all from Dennis Taylor, Excel expert and educator, during his online training. Dennis will walk you through everything you need to know from how to set up a tracking Excel spreadsheet to specific formatting techniques. With just a few steps, you’ll learn how to make your own reports that you can use again and again, without re-creating the wheel. You’ll get back hours of your life and you’ll learn to make your data do more for you.

Dennis has trained over 50,000 professionals, just like you, on the tips and tools needed to utilize Excel spreadsheets to make their jobs easier and more productive. Here are just a few of the essential skills you’ll learn in only 60 minutes:

  • Rapidly cross-reference fee schedule data to save hours on complex reporting
  • More easily adjust column-widths and row heights without commands
  • Navigate seamlessly through multiple worksheets to avoid missed credentialing deadlines
  • Quickly create charts thatillustrate and clearly communicate revenue streams
  • Simplify patient informationdata entry, save time with vital keystroke shortcuts
  • Build lists of dates, times, and valueswith easy to remember techniques
  • Import Medicare or insurance data to create customized reports
  • Replace multi-step commands to Copy, Cut, and Pastedata with simple dragging techniques
  • Filter and Sort large lists– see just the data you need and locate items quickly
  • Increase anddecrease values in a range without ever setting up formulas
  • Use a special mouse technique to quickly zoom in and out on a worksheet
  • And so much more…

With a little help, your practice data can be at your fingertips, just the way you and your providers need it to be. You can use an Excel spreadsheet to more effectively scroll and search through the mounds of data your practice must manage. By the end of this training session, you’ll be able to confidently apply filters and find formulas and functions that work specifically for you.

Stop wasting the limited amount of time you have by running reports that don’t really tell you what you need to know. There’s a quicker, easier way to manage your healthcare data — and your practice. This training is specifically designed to help you more successfully work with Excel spreadsheets and manage your practice’s data. However, seats are filling up fast, so don’t wait to register. Once this session is full, new registrations will not be accepted. Don’t wait, register today.

Meet Your Expert

Dennis TaylorExcel Trainer, Taylor Associates

Dennis is the author of Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 and a co-author of four other books on spreadsheet software.

He has developed customized Excel courses for specific clients, and has recorded over 180 hours of Excel training courses for

Since 2006 he has presented over 600 public webinars on a variety of Excel topics. Dennis has taught over 5,000 seminars and classes and has led numerous training sessions with Apple, IBM, Lexmark, Texaco, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, and various federal and state agencies.


The webinar was very informative, quick and didn't drag on with repetitive information.
Brandi Benedict
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
The webinar was great and provided lots of useful tips. I would love to attend another. Thank you so much!
Patricia Canary
Summit Health
The webinar was great and was easy to follow!
Nathanna McGivney