Proven Retention Tactics Stop Your Best Staff from Quitting

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Susan Childs, FACMPE

It has NEVER been more important or challenging to retain your quality practice employees. Each fully trained staff member that you lose costs you up to 2x their annual salary. The better answer is to figure how to keep your employees from leaving by employing time-tested employee retention strategies.

The challenge is knowing which employee retention strategies will work for you. By investing just 60 minutes of your time, you can get practice-specific retention strategies you need (specific to healthcare practices). This is where healthcare practice consultant, Susan Childs, FACMPE, can help. Susan is presenting a step-by-step 60-minute online training session to help you overcome your retention challenges.

Here are just a few of the employee retention questions you’ll get answered to help you improve staff retention:

  • How can you stop a staff dispute from making good employees leave?
  • What additional benefits can you offer that won’t cost too much?
  • What is the best way to make staff feel genuinely appreciated?
  • How can you help your clinical and administrative staff relationship be stronger?
  • What non-financial benefits can you give to compete with other job offers?
  • How can you build emotional intelligence and respect into your personal manual?
  • What is the best way to handle toxic employees?
  • What specific elements should be included in your retention plan?
  • How can you more successfully on-board new employees?
  • How can you make admin staff feel appreciated by doctors?
  • What is the best way to genuinely appreciate a job well done?
  • Is there a career path tool you can use to show opportunity to staff?
  • How can you involve patients in recognizing high quality staff?
  • What is the best way to figure out if your staff are happy or not?
  • What parameters should be used to provide education incentives?
  • And so much more…

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only want to resolve your staff turnover problem is to get onto the hiring hamster wheel. There are other proven, easy-to-implement employee retention tactics that can make a significant difference in employee satisfaction and ensure your practice keeps running smoothly.

By attending this online training, you’ll gain actionable, step-by-step employee retention strategies that will help you keep your staff engaged, fulfilled and happy – and drive your employee turnover down. Don’t wait, sign up for this expert-led online training today.

Meet Your Expert

Susan Childs
FACMPEFounder of Evolution Healthcare Consulting

The founder of Evolution Healthcare Consulting, Susan Childs has over 30 years of experience directly in healthcare and is a Board-Certified Fellow. Her established professionalism with trusted and proven approaches helps practices establish conscious processes and experiences that encourage and promote self-awareness, creating high performance teams.

Over time in practice, her experiences include skills related to operations, personnel, front desk collections, communication, customer service, revenue cycle, staff workshops and retreats.

Susan is also the author of the book series, “Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence” the first volume titled, “Common Nonsense? “ including leadership and emotional intelligence, patient perception, and physician-administrator collaboration

She is a recognized national presenter for organizations such as AAP, AAOE, MGMA, ASCENT, ACC, and the AMA. Susan also served as the ACMPE Advancement Chair with MGMA.

When working with practices, Ms. Childs’ objective is to help build compassionate, accessible care while ensuring the impactful value of each staff member is recognized and valued.


The webinar started on time and the speaker had a good tone of voice. The reminder emails were helpful which made the process easy.
Kathy Pifferetti
Monarch NC