Front Desk Check-in Accuracy: Improve Patient Information

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The answer to getting your claims paid faster lies with your front office staff. You have to establish a front desk check-in accuracy process that works. Their ability to correctly and completely collect the necessary information from your patients at check-in is the key.

Sure, it sounds easy enough: just ask some questions, get some paperwork filled out, and collect information from their insurance card, right?

WRONG. If your front desk check-in staff doesn’t have a firm understanding of how to get what you need, you can count on your payments being delayed or not arriving at all.

The good news is that front desk management expert, Pam Joslin, MM, CPC, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CMCO, CEMA, CMCA-E/M, can help.

During her 60-minute online training, she’ll provide targeted, step-by-step strategies to help your front desk staff understand how the patient data they collect is used and the consequences of getting it wrong. Pam will also provide a breakdown of the information on the top 10 insurance cards (front and back), so your front desk staff can collect the patient information you need faster and more efficiently.

Here are just a few of the proven front desk check-in accuracy strategies your front desk team will receive by attending this 60-minute training:

  • Boost information accuracy with proven insurance card identifiers from the top 10 carriers
  • Avoid misinformation from leading to denials and angry patients
  • Must-ask patients questions to more accurately file coordination of benefits
  • Streamline your check-in process to improve front-desk productivity and precision
  • Build patient confidence in your front desk competency and motivate patient engagement
  • Maximize staff understanding of insurance plans (HMO, POS, Open Access, Open Access Managed Care, etc.)
  • Prevent data errors from referrals and PCPs and decrease your denials
  • Reduce patient refunds by more accurately identifying specialty co-pays
  • Avoid pharmacy (RX) data errors from causing delays inpatient medication
  • And so much more…

Who Should Attend? Everyone at your practice who is involved in the collection of patient information will benefit from this session (i.e., front desk staff, administrative staff, nurses, preauthorization staff, billers, schedulers, etc.).

It takes a million details to run your practice smoothly. One of the key components is the accuracy of the patient information your front desk staff collects.

By signing up for this online training, you’ll help your front desk team more efficiently and precisely capture your patient information.

This will result in reduced time spent reworking claims, a smoother front desk check-in accuracy process, fewer patient refunds, and most importantly you’ll get paid faster.

Registration for this online training session is limited.

Restricting access to this training allows the expert presenter the necessary time to answer attendee questions during the Q&A portion of the presentation.

To guarantee access, you should sign up as soon as you can.

Meet Your Expert

Pam Joslin
MM, CMC, CMIS, CMOM, CMCO, CEMA, CMCA-E/MCEO of Innovative Healthcare Consulting

Pam is CEO of Innovative Healthcare Consulting and has more than 20 years of medical practice management, billing, coding, reimbursement, auditing and compliance experience. She is an engaging presenter via webinar, classroom and conference on various topics that impact each step of the revenue cycle in healthcare practices.

Pam has managed medical practices ranging from single to multi-specialty groups, including ASCs. She is an advocate of process improvement and maximizing and empowering employees to bring about the “best practice” results for your organization. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix. Pam maintains memberships in professional organizations to support her continuing cycle of learning in the ever-changing healthcare industry.


Good, easy to follow, good visuals.
JJ Bales
Billing/AR Specialist, Proserve Practice Management
Relevant, addressed current issues and practices
Trina Ewing
Billing Manager, Gastro One
Informational! I liked all of the insurance card examples.
Carol Loomis
Administrative Assistant, Palouse River Counseling