Front Desk: Head Off Hiring Nightmares

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Deron Bibb, MBA

Every time you lose a member of your front desk staff it costs you – BIG (as much as 3x an annual salary ̶ and if you’re a small practice this amount is MUCH higher). And this doesn’t even include the massive losses tied to your front desk collections.

Obviously, you want to hire better next time. But this is MUCH easier said than done. Unless you have some help… That’s where practice management process and streamlining expert Deron Bibb, MBA comes in. In just 60 minutes, Deron will provide you with his best practices when hiring for your reception/intake positions.

Putting an end to high front desk staff turnover saves you the time, money and headaches of having to replace the person. Also, by employing better-suited staff at your front desk your collections will increase, your patient satisfaction will soar, and you’ll watch your overall bottom line grow.

Here are a just a few of the proven, step-by-step hiring tactics you’ll receive by ordering this 60-minute online training:

  • Identify deficiencies in your intake process that lead to high staff turnover
  • Get more qualified front desk candidates with specific job ad verbiage
  • Easy-to-implement tests that can filter for the personality traits you’re looking for
  • Uncover phone communication skills, implement 15-minute phone pre-interviews 
  • Implement objective testing to determine required skill levels
  • Utilize reputable background check companies and test EVERYONE, you’ll be surprised what you find
  • And so much more…

Who should order – Practice Manager, Billing Manager, Revenue Cycle Manager, Front Desk Manager, HR Manager, Clinician, or anyone else involved in the hiring of your front desk staff.

Keeping your reception/front desk/intake staff longer means a better trained team, a happier office, more satisfied patients and an improvement in your bottom line. On the flip side, hiring the wrong staff members into this essential, central position can wreak havoc on the overall success of your practice.

If you need to hire even one reception/front desk/intake person this year this online training session is a MUST HAVE.  After ordering you’ll be able to more quickly hire better qualified front desk staff the first time. This makes your life easier, your patients and other office staff happier and improves the overall health of your practice. Don’t wait another minute, order today.

Meet Your Expert

Deron Bibb
MBAPresident, Healthcare Management Consultant

Mr. Bibb has spent his entire 22+ year career in healthcare management where he assists clients in the pursuit of maximum optimization of their business. His experience provides multiple specialties, practice sizes as well as organizational types.

His experience includes developing and managing Practice Management, Management Services Organization, Residential Treatment Facility, Group Purchasing Organization companies as well as other healthcare related companies. Mr. Bibb holds a BS in Business Administration and MBA and memberships in various professional organizations such as MGMA, HFMA and HBMA.

Mr. Bibb holds ownership in iHealth Solutions, LLC where he serves as a Practice Management Consultant and Project Advisor. Mr. Bibb merged his previous Practice Management, Billing, Coding and Consulting firm of 19 years, Paradigm Management Solutions, with iHealth in 2015.

Mr. Bibb holds ownership in Stepworks Recovery Centers, LLC where he serves as its CFO, which includes financial operations, business development and contracting within the managed care and third party marketplaces. Local, regional and national affiliations include MGMA, HFMA and HBMA. Mr. Bibb serves an Advisory Board member to a Regional Bank and is on Faculty of the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine – Glasgow Residency Program.


The speaker got down to specifics such as the printed questionnaire. It was very useful.
Bruce Stein
Executive Director, Vanishing Veins