Front Desk: Stop Communication Nightmares Before They Start


CAUTION: Patient initiated HIPAA complaints are the most common cause of HIPAA audits, violations and penalties. The best defense you have against this is a highly functioning front desk team.
Your front desk staff can make or break your practice – REALLY.

In fact, multiple national surveys show poor staff attitude and communication are among the top 5 reasons why patients leave practices.

The good news is, that with the right training, your front desk team can be your best ally, and nationally recognized medical staff educator, Rhonda Granja, B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPC, would like to show you how.

During her upcoming, 90-minute training session, she’ll walk you through proven techniques that will help your front-desk team boost your new patient volume, make patients happier when they reach the exam room, head off patient complaints, and so much more.

Who should complete this training? Practice Managers, Front Desk Managers, Practice Leaders, Front-Desk Staff, Check-out and Check-in staff, etc. Anyone interested in improving patient satisfaction, boosting new patient volume and improving HIPAA compliance.

Here are just a few of the proven skills your front desk team can master by attending this training:

  • Make a good first impression every time and boost new patient volume fast
  • Maintain positive attitudes/mindsets that translate to improved patient satisfaction
  • Use voice, tone and language to build patient trust and confidence
  • Make every patient feel welcome and comfortable when they walk in the door
  • Master active listening and effective questioning to reduce no shows
  • Easily overcome patient frustration caused by appoint delays
  • Correctly place patients on hold without making them angry
  • Meet HIPAA requirements in the reception area and on the phone to avoid hefty violation fines
  • Keep calm when dealing with abusive patients – defuse these situations promptly
  • And so much more…

Providing excellent medical care is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to retaining patients. Your front desk staff must work in tandem with your caregivers for your practice to be successful. Stop leaving things to chance. Provide your front desk staff with the training they need to help you have a more successful, profitable practice.

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Meet Your Expert

Rhonda Granja
B.S., CMC, CMOM, CMA, CPCIndependent Healthcare Consultant

Rhonda Granja is a certified professional coder and certified medical assistant. Rhonda has been in the medical office profession since 1990 and is currently working as an independent medical consultant. She has been involved extensively in medical advocacy. Rhonda has done the necessary follow-up work and has a proven track record for winning insurance appeals.

She is involved with multiple medical groups and has also developed staff motivation techniques. Rhonda enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge with others in this profession. Her vast experience has been achieved by actively working in all areas of a medical practice – everything from the front desk to the clinical side.

Rhonda is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders; Medical Group Manager’s Association, and the Consumer Family Advisory Committee. She has extensive knowledge of billing and reimbursement related to managed care and commercial carriers as well as Medicare and state funded products. Rhonda has a wealth of experience and her passion for speaking tends to get attendees excited about what they do. Aside from her professional relationships, she makes time to advocate with the non-profit organization, Autism Speaks.


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