Front Desk 2-Part Series: Head Off Service & Compliance Disasters and Stop Angry Patients in Their Tracks


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Part 1: Head off Disasters and Stop Losing Patients

Proven strategies for your front desk staff to provide them with the tools necessary to help them successfully overcome the top patient disasters. By utilizing these tactics, your patients will be more satisfied ...

Part 2: Defuse Angry Patients Before They're a Problem

Expert strategies for you and your front desk team that will help you defuse the angriest patient with a smile before it gets out of control and leave the patient happy (the majority of the time).


Your front desk team can make or break your practice. Scheduling mix-ups can turn patients away for good. A small HIPAA oversight can lead to massive fines. An angry patient encounter can quickly escalate to physical violence. Poor collections can leave you losing tens of thousands of dollars. These are just a few of the service and compliance disasters that you’ll face unless you take immediate action.

The good news is that there is something you can do to protect your practice from these, and many other, front desk disasters. National front desk experts, Karen Hoffer, LPN, AE-C , and Gail Scheller, RN, AE-C, and workplace safety expert Dan S. Wilder, AA, CPD, have put together two must-attend online training sessions for your front desk team. These essential trainings will help you head off front desk customer service catastrophes, significantly improve your check-in and check-out collections, and more successfully manage angry patients and visitors in your reception area.

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PART 1: Front Desk: Head Off Disasters and Stop Losing Patients

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Your front desk is overflowing with possible disasters. From HIPAA compliance errors that can result in you paying massive penalties, to poor service that drives your patients away.

There is no wiggle room when it comes to ensuring your front desk is prepared to handle the numerous challenges it faces each day. The trick is identifying these top disaster areas, and then providing step-by-step training so your reception team can protect your practice and patients, not hurt them.

This is where front desk management experts, Karen Hoffer LPN, AE-C and Gail Scheller RN, AE-C, can help. In only 60 minutes, Karen and Gail will breakdown the top reception danger zones, and then tell you EXACTLY how to avoid them. You’ll walk away from the training with proven actions you can put into place immediately to improve patient satisfaction and protect your practice.

With one registration, you can train your ENTIRE team. However, access to this must-attend online training is limited to ensure that all attendees will have time to get their questions answered by the expert presenters. Registrations will be accepted in the order they are received until access quantity is full. Don’t wait, register for this upcoming online training today

Here are just some of the actionable front desk protection challenges you’ll be able to overcome after completing this , 60-minute online training:

  • Halt patient loss due to negative first impressions at your front desk
  • Master collection strategies that boost your cash and leave patients with a smile
  • Avoid innocent HIPAA violations from leading to massive penalties and fines
  • End insurance mistakes and unhappy patients with easy-to-use tactics
  • Head off scheduling mix ups with a simple, but effective, process change
  • Keep patients satisfied with sterling phone etiquette for your reception team
  • Stop patient complaints from escalating and causing a reception area scene
  • And so much more…

Who should attend? Anyone that comes into contact with patients at your reception area will benefit from this essential training. This session is great for both front desk managers and front-line reception staff.

Your front desk staff are the focal point of your practice for your patient. They are the first people your patients see when they arrive, and the last people they see when they check out. In fact, several surveys have shown that patients rank excellent customer service higher than medical care when it comes to deciding whether to stay with a practice.

The good news is that fixing front desk problems before they occur is easier than many of the other challenges you face every day. With this expert-lead online training, you’ll be able to provide your reception team with the training they need to ensure you keep your patients longer and avoid legal and regulatory problems for your practice.

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PART 2: Front Desk: Defuse Angry Patients Before They’re a Problem

Order the On-demand version and listen to it at your convenience.

Angry patients and relatives at your practice’s front desk can quickly spin out of control, unless they are managed correctly. You certainly can’t please everyone, but how you handle someone that is angry can make a significant difference in the outcome.

At a minimum, the patient may cause a scene in your waiting room in front of other patients. This is obviously not the atmosphere you want to convey. In extreme circumstances, angry patients/family members have pulled out guns holding staff hostage, or actually shooting people.

Knowing exactly how to handle an angry patient at your front desk is essential to the safety of your staff, your patients, and the success of your practice. The good news is that there are proven strategies you can use to de-escalate an angry or hostile patient that can quickly turn things around, and emergency preparedness expert, Dan Wilder can show you how.  During a 90-minute online training session, Dan will walk you through EXACTLY how to defuse an angry patient quickly and easily.

Don’t risk it. Register for this upcoming online training and give your front desk staff the tools they need to protect themselves and make your patients happier. Don’t wait, register today.

Here is just some of the practical, actionable angry patient de-escalation advice you’ll receive by attending this 90-minute online training session.

  • Quickly identify and defuse warning signs that a patient is about to lose their temper
  • How to get a patient to hear you when their anger takes over
  • Key phrases to use that will calm even the angriest patient
  • How to make the customer feel heard even when they are wrong
  • Utilize your voice tone and volume to soothe patient frustrations
  • Determine what is really driving your patient’s anger to help resolve it
  • And so much more…

IMPORTANT: If you go online and search for ways to handle angry patients, about 100 articles come up. But do you really want to risk the safety of your front desk staff, your patients and your practice based on tips on an article? You’ll leave this online training with actual tools and tactics you can put into place immediately.

The majority of your patients are delightful. But it only takes one to cause a problem, and a misplaced word or incorrect response can send them over the edge. Defusing an angry patient in your reception is an essential skill for your front desk team.

Order the 2-Part Series and Save An Extra 25%  |  Order Only This Training Session for $197

Meet Your Experts

Karen Hoffer
LPN, AE-C partner and co-founder of Curis Physician Resources

Karen Hoffer is partner and co-founder of Curis Physician Resources.  Karen is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 35 years of diverse healthcare experience.  She is also a Certified Asthma Educator (AE-C).  For 28 years of that experience she worked in outpatient pediatrics, urgent care and ob-gyn. For 10 years she was the manager for an outpatient pediatric practice in Northern Virginia.

During this time, she also lead the development and success of an all day walk in clinic, managing the entire process from best idea to implementation. Karen has extensive experience with value-based care as she has successfully navigated the complexities of several insurer sponsored PCMH programs. Her hands-on clinical and management experience gives her the insight needed to present realistic and workable solutions to complex outpatient healthcare challenges for medical practices across the country.

Gail Scheller
RN, AE-C partner and co-founder of Curis Physician Resources

Gail is partner and co-founder of Curis Physician Resources. She launched this consulting company to help medical practices successfully navigate the changing field of outpatient healthcare management and insurance reimbursement. Gail has over 30 years experience working in the healthcare industry in outpatient medical office billing, HR and bookkeeping.

Gail has also worked as a patient care coordinator and is a certified asthma educator (AE-C). She has managed a multi-provider pediatric practice, with responsibility for facility and office operations, staff scheduling and training, and inventory management. Her front-line experiences include developing coding and billing training programs for staff and providers as well as successfully navigating value-based-care programs.

Dan S. Wilder
AA, CPDVice President of Operations

Dan Wilder is the Vice-President of Operations of the Sorensen, Wilder team, having joined Sorensen, Wilder & Associates after earning his degree in Criminal Justice in 2006.

Dan is the product line leader for the Sorensen, Wilder & Associates Essentials of Aggression Management program, and has provided training in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities across the nation in recognizing and defusing aggressive behavior.

Dan has also worked closely with clients to provide ongoing workplace violence and safety training and creating workplace violence programs.    In addition, he has also provided Security Vulnerability Assessments for LTC facilities, hospitals, clinics, and physician’s practices.

Dan holds a CVI – CSAT certification through the United States Department of Homeland Security. In addition to his role with Sorensen, Wilder & Associates, Dan is also a firefighter / EMT and a fire science instructor.  He is also certified in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and incorporate CPTED principles into all of the security vulnerability assessments he performs.


Good information for NEW customer service employees/clinics. 
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Good information for NEW customer service employees/clinics. 
BayCare Clinic, Practice Site Supervisor