Comply w/Modified HIPAA and Telehealth Rules, Prevent Penalties

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Amanda Waesch, Esq.
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HIPAA and telehealth rules have changed, and if you aren’t up to date, you could face significant fines.

You are required to comply with the modified HIPAA and telehealth rules that tighten regulations regarding the audio-only virtual visits you provide — right down to the type of allowable phone line.

These modified HIPAA and telehealth rules replace several of the less stringent waivers put into place during COVID. Therefore, it is imperative that you bolster your telehealth program and policies to ensure you are compliant.

Abiding by these modified HIPAA and telehealth regulations is essential to your ability to continue offering these much sought-after services. This is where healthcare attorney Amanda Waesch, Esq., can help. During her 60-minute online training session, Amanda will walk you through how to comply with these modified HIPAA telehealth rules so you can keep providing virtual services to your patients without exposing yourself to audits or penalties.

Here are just a few of the step-by-step tactics you’ll receive by attending this online training to help you comply with these HIPAA and telehealth compliance rule modifications:

  • Identify which telehealth rules change after PHE ends on May 11th
  • Nail down the new rules impacting audio-only virtual visits
  • Evaluate whether landlines are affected by the new rules
  • Pinpoint the right way to maintain the privacy of telehealth visits
  • Comply with enforcement deadlines to avoid a surprise audit
  • Get tips to ensure you’re up to date on the latest regs
  • Establish whether you’re responsible for information leaks after your phone call ends
  • Find out what might be around the corner for HIPAA and telehealth
  • Create a telehealth program that can overcome the toughest auditor
  • …and much more!

Government auditors took a break from auditing practices for a short period during the pandemic, but that time has passed, and now they’re out in force.

Remember: If HIPAA auditors find violations in your telemedicine program, they’re much more likely to investigate other areas of your practice. This leaves you exposed to violation penalties much greater than those simply related to HIPAA alone — as high as $50,000 per occurrence.

Changes to HIPAA and telehealth regulations can make compliance more difficult for your practice. Don’t risk it. Sign up today!

Meet Your Expert

Amanda Waesch
Esq.Healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond

Amanda Waesch, Esq., is a healthcare Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond.  Her practice focuses on healthcare, employment law and healthcare litigation across the country. She advises healthcare providers including practices and hospitals on reviewing and litigating employment agreements; non-compete agreements and severance agreements. Her work has benefited physicians and administrators in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, as well as management and training issues.


The webinar was interesting and very informative!
Sheila Johnson
Billing Coordinator, Heartland Alliance