Head Off Front Desk HIPAA Nightmares

Expert: Jay Hodes Length: 140 Pages

HIPAA audits are on the rise. You’ll probably be surprised to learn that patient complaints are the number one driver behind being chosen for a HIPAA audit. And the people that most interact with your patients other than your provider are at your front desk. Generally, the HIPAA issue is right up front, but not always for the reasons you’d think.

HIPAA compliance makes your front-desk staff more important than ever. How they handle their everyday duties and interact with your patients can not only cause you to get audited, but it can also be the source of hefty penalties and fines that you are left to pay. Accordingly, in order to avoid a HIPAA audit, the way your front desk has always done things may not work any longer.

There are several easy-to-implement tactics you can use at your front desk that will protect you from HIPAA violations, and help you avoid an audit. That’s where the expert report, Head Off Front Desk HIPAA Nightmares, comes in. This report gives you step-by-step instructions that will keep your patients happy, your office compliant and you out of legal & financial hot water with the Feds.

Within the 140 pages of this expert report, you’ll receive the specific actions you should take to protect you from the most common front desk HIPAA violations – and if you don’t think your office has any, think again. This expert report will help you ensure your front desk staff are trained to identify violations before they get you in trouble, and successfully handle even the most challenging patient complaint.

Here are just a few of the practical tactics you’ll find in this valuable expert report:

  1. Halt sticky notes at your front desk from landing you in legal hot water
  2. Plug information leaks in your check-in process quickly and inexpensively
  3. Never violate routine vs non-routine disclosure requests again
  4. Master problematic information requests with proven training scripts
  5. Stop your sign-in process from creating massive HIPAA violations and fines
  6. Protect patient info on your front-desk computer screens with simple to follow policy
  7. Dodge discarded patient information violations– even the smallest piece of paper matters
  8. Prevent costly social media disasters
  9. And so much more . . .

The problem with HIPAA compliance is that it permeates so many aspects of your practice. Here are a few more examples of areas that could be ticking HIPAA time bombs at your front desk unless you take action immediately:

* Social Media * Patient Information Access * Patient reminder calls * Release of Information (to both patients and other providers) * Family Member Request for Information * Prescription Pick-up * Charging patients to make copies * Addressing patients by name * Putting Charts Outside Exam Rooms * Fax Requests * Waiting Room Breaches * Etc.

No doubt about it, HIPAA is complicated. It is a massive government document and is anything but user-friendly. But inside this expert report, you can get everything you need to protect your practice from the most common front-desk HIPAA violations. Don’t waste another minute. Protect your practice and order this expert report today.

BONUS Online Form Library: Along with the proven step-by-step tactics you’ll receive in this valuable expert report, you’ll also get unlimited access to an online library of over 20+ HIPAA-compliant forms and tools. Each document can be downloaded and customized for your specific practice.

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BONUS: Online HIPAA Forms Library for Your Practice

Along with the proven step-by-step tactics you’ll receive in this valuable expert report, Head off Front Desk HIPAA Nightmares, you’ll also get unlimited access to an online library of over 20 HIPAA-compliant forms and tools. Each document can be downloaded and customized for your specific practice. Order your copy today.


Meet Your Expert

Jay HodesPresident, Colington Consulting

Jay Hodes is a leading expert in HIPAA compliance and President of Colington Consulting. His company provides HIPAA consulting services for healthcare providers and business associates.

Mr. Hodes has over 30 years of combined experience in risk assessments, site security evaluation, regulatory compliance, policy and procedures assessments, and Federal law enforcement management.

He previously served as the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In that role, Mr. Hodes was responsible for more than 200 special agents and professional support staff charged with conducting complex healthcare fraud investigations and law enforcement efforts.

He also managed the headquarters’ divisional operations, including the Special Investigations Branch and the National Training Operations Branch.

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