Medical Practice Compliance Officer HIPAA Musts

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Michael McCoy

Unlike massive practices that have a designated compliance person, you’re expected to maintain your practice’s HIPAA compliance on top of everything else you do. There’s a lot riding on you getting it right; especially considering HIPAA violations can cost your practice as much as $50,000 each.

The other challenge is that HIPAA guidelines are a moving target. HIPAA has changed over 100 pages of its requirements with new guidelines. Without a little help, keeping up can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to…

This is where HIPAA expert, Michael McCoy, can help. He has prepared a 60-minute, online training session specifically for practice Compliance Officers that take on HIPAA as a part of their already overloaded positions. Michael will provide you with a clear-cut, easy-to-implement plan that will help you tackle those HIPAA compliance danger zones most likely to lead to violations and MASSIVE fines.

Here are just a few of the plain-English, time-saving tactics this 60-minute online training session will help you resolve:

  • Don’t let the new Patient’s Right to Access requirements lead to an expensive HIPAA violation
  • Avoid HIPAA penalties because your vendor contracts aren’t sufficient
  • Implement data backup schedule that protects your patient data and practice
  • Avoid a lawsuit for releasing patient records incorrectly, even a valid patient signature isn’t enough
  • Unearth when a HIPAA subpoena isn’t sufficient to release medical records
  • Get easy-to-use risk assessment matrix worksheet to speed up HIPAA compliance
  • Uncover when your state HIPAA laws must take precedence
  • Ensure your mobile device policy really protects you from violation fines
  • Implement best practices ransomware defense worksheet to avoid an attack (sample provided)
  • And so much more…

If you work in a medical practice and have been given the responsibility of complying with HIPAA regulations, this session is for you. It will break down the complexities of HIPAA requirements, and walk you through what you REALLY have to do to comply. Its goal is to help you avoid HIPAA violations that can lead to you having to pay millions in penalties and fines (this really does happen to practices just like yours).

Don’t risk expensive HIPAA violations and fines. Order this must-see, online practice-based HIPAA training today.

Meet Your Expert

Michael McCoyManaging partner of HITECH Compliance Associates

Michael McCoy has been performing HIPAA risk assessments for the past 8 years. With over 1000 clients, Michael has a wide breath of experience in dealing with all HIPAA matters and the Office for Civil Rights.

Michael’s background before going into HIPAA was 23 years in the medical field performing Administration and Marketing for outpatient radiology facilities. Michael used his experience to create a methodology that was simple to follow and cost effective for practices of all sizes to meet their HIPAA requirements.



Very informative. Nice job.
Madison Mitchell
Billing Manager & Hipaa Compliance Officer, Jackson Orthopaedic Clinic, PA
Very informative.
Linda Florke
Practice Administrator, Wadzinski Eye Clinic
There was such great information presented.
Catherine Golas
Administrative Director, Phillips Academy
The information delivered was excellent, and having an expert in the field is great. I am excited that now I have a "go to" for the most updated and accurate information.
Diane Brannen
Clinic Administrator, RayPar, Inc.
The information was beneficial to us and we will share with our clients. Liked the materials provided and I will implement in areas I feel we are not up to date on. It was good to compare what we have setup currently to where we should be, found that to be valuable.
Joni Lovvorn
COO, Solutions For Medcial Billing, Inc.