Stop HIPAA Text, Email Errors and Massive Penalties

Length: 60 Minutes Expert: Laurel Eakes, CHC, CHPC

Since your text and email messages NEVER really get deleted, HIPAA auditors can dig through every single one looking for violations. And if they find them, you can be hit with a fine for each separate violation. This is how HIPAA fines grow so massive and how the government has collected over $78 million from violations. HIPAA compliant email training.
To make matters worse, texting and emailing HIPAA violations are not always caused by what you might think. For example, you may think you’re safe as long as you don’t text your patients – sorry but you’re wrong. The biggest violations generally occur when your providers text or email their staff. The good news is, your practice can avoid massive HIPAA violation fines and penalties with a few simple changes to your current processes, but you must be able to identify the danger zones…

That’s where national HIPAA expert, Laurel A. Eakes, CHC, CHPC, comes in. During her online training session, she’ll walk you through how to escape being slapped with HIPAA emailing and texting violations and fines. You’ll be surprised by what can land you in serious trouble.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step training tactics you’ll receive to help you protect your practice from being penalized for emailing and texting HIPAA compliance violations:

  • Choose the safest communication method: patient portal vs. email communications
  • Protect yourself from HIPAA violations with one simple item step added to your emails
  • Identify when you can send PHI via email – or if you ever should
  • Stop the worst internal text message HIPAA violators from sinking your practice
  • Prevent Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or the infamous AOL from ending in catastrophe
  • Improve HIPAA security for all of your messaging easier than you thought possible
  • And so much more…

It doesn’t matter what specialty you are, or how big or small your practice is, your texting and emailing could be ticking time bombs just waiting to cause you a HIPAA explosion. Also, you may not realize it, but it isn’t only your practice that is at risk. HIPAA can, and does, fine individual staff for their involvement in violations, meaning you could be left to pay personally, too.

Don’t wait. Sign up for this action-driven, expert-led session and get everything you need to protect your practice from HIPAA messaging violations. Register today.

Meet Your Expert

Laurel Eakes
CHC, CHPCParalegal

Laurel is a seasoned HIPAA Privacy & Security Expert concentrating on the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to privacy policies and procedures including protected health information (PHI) in compliance with federal and state HIPAA regulation.

Her expertise extends to reviewing and evaluating risk assessments and related compliance monitoring initiatives; creating and monitoring BAAs to ensure that all BAs are maintaining privacy requirements and responsibilities. Laurel’s compliance tactics extend to process documenting, tracking, investigating, and acting on all complaints concerning breaches in privacy policies and procedures; and management, internal investigations. She has managed and developed successful Privacy & Security Programs based upon Federal guidelines.

Laurel is a seasoned Compliance Professional who focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of Compliance Programs as well as education and training. She also reviews and evaluates risk assessments and management, internal investigations, and creating and implementing Policies & Procedures.

Laurel began working in the healthcare industry since 1996.  Then in 2006, she began focusing on HIPAA Privacy & Security Program Management and Compliance Program Management.  Her experience includes assisting both hospital systems and physician offices of varying specialties and sizes to improve their HIPAA programs and compliance.  Laurel holds two certifications from the Healthcare Compliance Association. She is Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC/2007) and Healthcare Privacy Compliance (CHPC/2015).


Laurel did a great job providing examples during the webinar and explaining each point in the slides.
Amanda Westpfahl
Office Manager, Parker Collins Family Mental Health
I really enjoyed the information as it was current. The webinar provided relevant information.
Emma Baron
Vice President, Hospice East Bay
The webinar was great and the speaker was very informative.
Sheila Johnson
Billing Coordinator, Heartland Alliance