HIPAA: Avoid Phase 2 Audit Penalties

Length: 60 minutes Expert: Frank Ruelas

Regulators have confirmed that comprehensive HIPAA Phase 2 ONSITE audits have begun and that “every covered entity and business associate is eligible for an audit” – this means YOU.

Getting chosen for a HIPAA Phase 2 comprehensive onsite audit is completely random. So, there’s really no way for you to avoid being the next victim. However, if you take specific steps now, before you ever receive your audit notification, you can avoid possible noncompliance with the audit protocol, which can lead to an enforcement action and you having to pay massive fines and penalties associated with an identified HIPAA violation.

IMPORTANT: If you deal with private patient information in ANY WAY, this session is for you. Remember that even simple, innocent omissions can result in fines and penalties. And considering that in only 6 months HIPAA audits have generated over $11 million in settlements, you can bet the number of audits conducted and the amounts of fines and penalties imposed will continue to go through the roof.

That’s where compliance expert Frank Ruelas, MBA, CHC, can help. He has dedicated his career to helping healthcare providers, just like you, protect themselves from the massive fines that can result from even innocent HIPAA mistakes. During his 60-minute online training session, Frank will walk you through his proven strategies to help you avoid getting snagged with HIPAA violation fines and penalties.

Here are just a few of the proven HIPAA protection techniques you’ll receive by ordering this practical, 60-minute online training:

  • Apply proven algorithm to determine how to assess your compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Incorporate effective alternatives when “must have” protocol elements are unavailable
  • Training documentation tactics that will hold up to even the toughest audit
  • Use peer cases to help you uncover hidden HIPAA violations
  • Stop unnecessary HIPAA processes, not everything you read online is correct
  • Uncover and resolve your biggest, most costly risk factors
  • Incorporate a proven Excel tool to assess your audit readiness
  • And so much more…

WARNING: HIPAA Phase 2 affects everyone: Private practices, hospitals, billing companies, transcription companies, home health agencies, health insurance plans, ASCs, IT companies, attorneys, etc. – basically ANYONE who comes into contact with private patient information.

HIPAA Phase 2 auditors will be looking for privacy, security and breach notification noncompliance, and audit failure will likely lead to significant disciplinary action and large financial fines.

It’s a huge mistake to wait until you receive a HIPAA audit letter before you start to prepare. Don’t face a HIPAA Audit alone, order this step-by-step online training session to ensure you are prepared for anything that comes your way. Don’t wait, order today.


Meet Your Expert

Frank RuelasFacility Compliance Professional, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center/Dignity Health

Frank is a compliance professional who has become well known for his practical approach to topics and subjects within the compliance arena.

As one of two facility compliance professionals assigned to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, Frank’s focus is on maintaining the facility’s compliance program while also working to identify any additional risks or factors that may impact the program’s overall effectiveness.

Frank enjoys networking with other compliance professionals as he is a strong advocate of collaboration and its ability to help generate ideas and solutions.


Speaker kept me engaged, knew the topic, and was enthusiastic during the presentation.
Lavisa Bell
Senior Director, Compliance and Quality Improvement, Beech Brook
Really good, love the algorithm, color coding is super helpful to me, love the use of Excel.
Marcia King
CEO, Director of Clinical Services, Comprehensive Health Care
It was very easy to follow, and logically dissected the verbiage that we are likely to see during an audit.
Chris Buchanan
CIO, River City Hospice
It was perfect. Great speaker and timely.
Cindy Godfrey
privacy, Intrepid of New York, Inc.
It was good as he has a great voice and seems very knowledgeable on HIPAA. He gave examples of to clarify he was talking about.
Elizabeth Brune
Executive Director, Mid-Valley Gastroenterology Associates