Hire The RIGHT Coders & Billers TODAY

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Laurie Morgan, MBA

Making a bad hiring decision for any position in your practice can be a nightmare. But when you hire the wrong coder or biller the problem is compounded by lost reimbursement, non-compliance, angry customers, and overall lower profitability.

Even if you’ve hired hundreds of staff before, knowing how to hire the perfect coder or biller for your specific practice is a unique challenge…but there is targeted help available.

Laurie Morgan, partner and senior consultant with Capko & Morgan, a medical practice consulting firm recorded a 60-minute session about how-to hire the RIGHT coder or biller for your practice.

By ordering this session, you’ll receive proven tactics to make you more successful in hiring the right coder or biller for your practice – the first time. Here are just 5 of the takeaways you’ll receive by listening to this presentation:

• Background checking mechanisms that are essential, which service to use, and how to ensure you really are getting all the information you need to make the right decision
• Writing the perfect job ad that will bring the candidates you want to your door
• Critical metrics and terminology your candidate must know to be successful, and how you can confirm if they do or don’t during the interview
• Figure out how much you should be paying in your area and for your specialty.
• Must-ask interview questions and how your coding/billing candidate should respond to ensure a successful hire

The wrong coding or billing position can cause significant distress to your entire office. These positions are central to your practice’s profitability and health. And fixing problems after the fact is sure to be a nightmare. Not to mention leaving your practice open to audits, fines and possible penalties.

Poorly trained or otherwise unsuitable billing and coding staff can cost your practice dearly – here are just a few of the problems you’ll be saved from by listening to this session:

• Don’t let your collection percentages (and profitability) be driven down
• Avoid leaving thousands of dollars on the table from unappealed denials
• Skip the lost time and productivity (and claims reimbursement) by hiring successfully the first time
• Head off missed reimbursements with solid management metrics to gauge success

This session is for anyone that will be hiring a coder or biller for their practice – either now or in the future. The practical tools you’ll receive in this presentation will help ensure you are prepared, and that your hiring decision is successful – the first time.

Meet Your Expert

Laurie Morgan
MBASenior Consultant & Partner, Capko & Morgan

Laurie focuses on helping practices generate and capture more revenue, operate more efficiently, and build productive teams.

Besides her consulting work, Laurie is a well-known speaker and author. Her book, People, Technology, Profit: Practical Ideas for a Happier, Healthier Practice Business, was released in 2017. She’s also the author of seven ebooks on workflow, technology, marketing, and revenue cycle management.

Prior to her consulting career, Laurie held senior management positions in technology and media. Laurie is a graduate of Brown University and Stanford University.