Home Health: Unlock Survey Secrets to Stop Sanctions

Length: 90 minutes Expert: Lisa S. Meadows, MSW

Halt sanctions and massive fines for failing your state home health survey. You could even get closed down unless you take action now…

Going through a home health recertification survey can be a total nightmare – especially considering the possibility of serious sanctions if a problem is found:

  • Your Medicare contract can be terminated.
  • Fines of up to $10K a DAY can be assigned until the problem is resolved.
  • A corrective action plan and someone else ends up running your agency.
  • You actually are forced to shut your agency down.

Lisa Meadows, a former home health administrator, knows what you are facing and how to help. She’s been through hundreds of surveys, both for her own practice and in her current role as a leading home health survey consultant. Based on her insider experience, Lisa ha put together this 90-minute training session devoted to helping you pass your upcoming survey (even if you don’t have one scheduled now, we all know eventually you’ll have one).

In just 90 minutes she’ll walk you through the most common survey deficiencies and tell you specifically how to resolve them before they become a problem.

There is no doubt about it, mastering Medicare’s Conditions for Participation (CoP) and their corresponding G Tags can seem impossible. But you CAN get through your next recertification easier, faster and with no sanctions with a little help…

During this training, Lisa will take you behind the scenes so you can find out what surveyors REALLY want to see when they walk in your front door. Then, she’ll tell you how to use this insider information to your benefit so you can pass your next survey with flying colors. Don’t wait, order today.

Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step tactics you’ll receive by completing this training session:

  • Uncover the surveyor’s tools to pass your recertification with flying colors
  • Stop Home Health Aide Services deficiency (§484.36) from landing you a Condition level deficiency
  • Get your care providers to document correctly and hit care deadlines with ease
  • Identify conditional level survey problems and correct them before the sanctions hit
  • Proven self-surveying tactics that help you get recertified fast
  • Review Level 1 (Highest Priority) G Tags to minimize sanctions
  • Prepare your staff for home visits and interviews to avoid common deficiencies and sanctions
  • Successfully utilize state regulations in the survey process so nothing can halt your recertification
  • And so much more….

Meet Your Expert

Lisa S. Meadows
MSWClinical Compliance Educator, Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc

Lisa has over 25 years in medical social work experience; from acute care hospitalization, home healthcare, to hospice and palliative care. Lisa is currently the Clinical Compliance Educator for the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc where she is responsible for educating organizations on the ACHC accreditation process as well as assisting organizations with the interpretation of the ACHC Standards for Accreditation. She is also responsible for educating the ACHC Surveyors about the standards as well as other regulatory updates and industry changes.

Prior to this role, Lisa was a Hospice Surveyor with ACHC, affording her the opportunity to assist organizations with compliance with the ACHC Standards as well as developing best practices.

Lisa’s previous work experience allowed her to successfully prepare and lead the hospice agency she was employed with, through the ACHC Accreditation process.

Lisa also speaks at state conferences and associations and conducts workshops on the accreditation process as well as various topics that are relevant to the health care industry.