ICD-10 Denial Avoidance and Management


Medicare’s termination of their ICD-10 grace period is about to cause you a significant headache.For the last year, you’ve been getting paid for claims with inaccurate diagnosis codes. Sounds great right? The problem is that now the grace period is over, you have no idea which claims or the volume of claims that are going to be denied.Your only answer is to head off the most common ICD-10 denial reasons, and to implement a plan to manage the denials that do slip through. That’s where coding expert, Lynn Anderanin, CPC, CPPM, CPC-I, COSC, CPMA, can help – during her on-demand training session.

By completing this step-by-step, training, you’ll receive proven tools and easy-to-implement modifications that you can add to your current process and workflow to stop expected ICD-10 denials before they start. You’ll also receive tried and true tools to help you combat the denials that actually do make it through.

Here are just a few of the practical, front-line tactics you’ll receive by completing Lynn’s training:

•  Proven denial tracking system to bring in more of the pay-up you deserve
•  Head off the top anticipated ICD-10 denials before they ever occur to keep your revenue flowing
•  Educate staff and providers on ICD-10 specificity requirements for accurate code assignment
•  Avoid crippling reimbursement delays with documentation strategies that your docs will really use
•  Simple appeal tools that get your denials paid faster than you thought possible (in case a denial slips through)
•  Quickly identify diagnosis code denial trends to stop them in their tracks
•  And so much more…

This session will help you analyze the most likely diagnosis code-related denials due to the expiration of Medicare’s grace period.  You’ll receive proven tools that will allow you to analyze, manage and minimize these denials. Also, you’ll learn how to educate your physicians and staff on what you must change to meet the new ICD-10 requirements.

Don’t wait for a cash-flow disaster before you take action. In only 60 minutes, this ICD-10 Denial Avoidance and Management training session will help you head off post-grace period denials, and avoid the delays in reimbursement that are expected to accompany them.

You can significantly reduce the volume of ICD-10 denials you receive. Take action now. Order this must-attend, training immediately.

Meet Your Expert

Lynn Anderanin
CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CPPM, COSCSr. Director of Coding Education, Healthcare Information Services

She has 35-years experience in all areas of physician practice management, compliance, coding and reimbursement. She leads a team of more than 65 certified professional coders.

She is certified as a professional coder and practice manager. Lynn has spoken at American Academy of Professional Coders’ (AAPC) national conferences, workshops, and audio conferences and is a former member of the AAPC’s National Advisory Board. She is also the founder of her Local AAPC Chapter.


Very resourceful.
Wanshenika Lewis
Billing Manager, River Valley Counseling Center
Very straightforward without a lot of fluff. I enjoyed the webinar and the Q&A session.
Donna Brown
Coder & biller, Eastern Shore Urgent Care Center
The presenter was very well informed and spoke in a manner that all could understand. Nothing went over my head.
Tracii Dastrup
Accounts Receivable & Insurance Biller, June S Chen, MD
Reassured me I'm doing the right thing :)
Patty Carroll
Health Information Manager, Mad River Community Hospital
Excellent. Well-organized; the speaker was very straightforward to understand and she was very knowledgeable.
Susan Blue
Physician, Neurological Services of Texas, P.A.